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Once in a while I get meet-up requests over coffee from my blog readers so they can prick my brain on how to get more customers and clients for the business on the internet. Here’s a short video about one of those awesome meet-ups.

Here also are the 10 item tips that I provided specifically for their business. Check it out:

  1. Put up a company/brand website.
  2. Implement content marketing by managing a blog for your brand.
  3. Implement a content strategy that will engage your followers on Facebook and Twitter and continue to build your followers.
  4. Create an instagram account and start engaging Instagram users who have been posting photos about the brand.
  5. Take advantage of Foursquare. This is very powerful specially for location dependent businesses like you..
  6. Conduct a promo and support it with Facebook Ads to amplify the reach.
  7. Work with blogger advocates who can continually increase your visibility online.
  8. Increase your presence and influence in review sites by getting more recommendations and reviews.
  9. Provide Gift Certificates (GC’s) to blogger advocates so they can use these as give-aways in their blogs. This will increase increase your reach, visibility and social media following.
  10. Try out small business online advertising on Google Adwords.

Wanna meet up for coffee? Just fill up this FREE Consultation Form so we can schedule one real soon! :)

What do I blog about?

This is probably the first question that kept me thinking for days when I decided to start a new blog. And every business new to blogging has the same question.

What do I blog about?

I wrote a separate article about “Customer Empathy” earlier. This exercise will guide you get in to the shoes of your customers and “empathize” with them on a more personal level. Although there’s big business value in going through it, I must say that most people who tried it out really had a hard time going through the exercise.

So I’m publishing this short blog post to in a way simplify this process and get us out of that “Analysis Paralysis” of identifying the niche for our blog. And here I will show you a quick 5 step process in identifying your niche.

This post was inspired by the teachings of Pat Flynn of who influenced me in so many ways in creating success in my online business.

So here are the simple steps:

1. Identify your Passions, Fears and Problems. Write down a list of ten items for each.

2. Take money out of the picture. Just write down the first 10 Passionss, Fears and Problems that comes in to your mind.

3. From the list of 30, narrow it down to 10 potential markets.

4. Perform Keyword Research for the top 10 potential markets using Market Samurai.

In doing keyword research, it’s all about getting to the first page of the Google Search Results. And the higher the number of people searching for these keywords and the higher your website rank on Google for these keywords, the bigger the opportunity is.

There are several ways and tools that can be used to perform keyword research for FREE. But Market Samurai can make the process easier and cut down the work and time significantly. So instead of spending days doing keyword research, you can just spend a few hours in a coffee shop in doing keyword research with Market Samurai. So go ahead and download a FREE Trial version to see what I mean.

Here’s a quick video from Patt Flynn on doing Keyword Research using Market Samurai.

I hope this quick guide makes niche selection for your blog a lot less painful.

Drop me a message if you have any questions.

Cheers! :)

4 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Engage Brand Advocates

There is one common question that SME’s and Start Up Entrepreneurs ask me about Internet Marketing is: “What is the cheapest yet effective way to Market our product and company online?” And my answer to them: “Brand Advocate Marketing!”.

Check out this video to find out what Brand Advocate Marketing is and who do businesses need to engage Brand Advocates.


I’m on “Daddy Duty” today and Sabrina kept on insisting in joining me in front of the Camera. Enjoy! :)

Take Time To Smell The Coffee

Take a break, put your feet up, and relax. Have a little break now and then, learn to take it easy sometimes. As much as we need to work hard to achieve our goals, we also need to slow down at times.

Take time to smell the coffee. Appreciate the little things. Look around and take in all the good that has come into your life. You also need to enjoy the rewards of working hard.

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No Shortcuts, No Quick Fixes, No Excuses

There are no shortcuts to success. There are also no quick fixes. There is only doing it and making it happen.

You won’t succeed by waiting around or making excuses. The only way to achieve success is by doing the work. If you really want to succeed, then you have to say no to shortcuts, quick fixes, blaming others, “I’ll do tomorrows”, and excuses. Just like what the image above says.

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Attitude Determines Success Or Failure

Image from Kevin Hall

Image from Kevin Hall

Attitude contributes a lot to the outcome we will get. If we start a task with a positive attitude then it’s likely we’ll get a positive result. Our attitude helps determine the outcome, as it affects how we react to it.

We attract what we feel and think about. Have you experienced starting a day with a negative attitude and experiencing even more catastrophes after? That’s just one example. So it is important to start your day with a positive attitude. Most importantly have a positive outlook in whatever you do.

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Don’t Build Links. Build Relationships.

Image from Creatage

Image from Creatage

The format on how we do business is changing. We now have to be as present online as we are offline. The game is changing but what remains is the way to do good business, you need to build good relationships.

Before online business, entrepreneurs relied on their patrons for repeat purchase and to get the word around. These patrons didn’t become their fans overnight. Entrepreneurs had to build relationships with them. The same applies to online business. It’s best to focus on the relationships you are building rather than paying attention on how many clicks you are getting.

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Anything’s Possible With Enough Coffee

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

With the right brew, you can do just about anything. The world is full of possibilities. We just need to search for them.

It may seem hard at first but as you venture the world and look at all the opportunities surrounding you, you would discover a path that will lead you to your dreams. We have a sense of purpose when we have a goal. The goal can be anything, short-term or long-term. As long as we align it to what we truly value then we are in the right direction.

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Actions Matter More Than Words

Actions matter more than words. We can make promises all we want, but we have to make sure to deliver it. Actions won’t just back up the commitments we make but it is the final step in completing our plans and goals.

Our goals and dreams will never happen if we don’t take the necessary actions. Nothing will materialize. It is all just up in the clouds and never really becoming part of our reality. Also, when it comes to our commitments, we need to back up whatever we say.

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Small Daily Improvements Are Key To Long-term Results

We may not get everything we want instantly, but we can achieve them from hard work and a little patience. It may take weeks, months, and even years before we reach our goals. The important thing is to keep working on daily tasks that will contribute to the bigger goal.

There are long-term goals and short-term goals. Both are equally important. But the short-term once must be aligned in a way that they would help achieve the longer-term ones in the future. It’s just like what the quote above said, “Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.”

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Marketing Without Data Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed

Image from

Image from

Research is essential in any aspect of a business. You can’t start a business without learning about its in’s and out’s. You need ample time to do your research properly and gather all the necessary data to ensure success.

The same goes with marketing your business. How can you expect to effectively do marketing when you haven’t gathered all the necessary data? It’s just like what Dan Zarrella said, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

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Nothing Ever Goes Away Until It Has Taught Us What We Need To Know

Life is a great teacher. As long as you live, you will keep on learning, whether from experience, from the people you meet, and even from mistakes.

At times, there are lessons that we will encounter over and over again, without realizing that they will go away until we learn from them. Have you ever stumbled upon a certain situation that just seems to come back and haunt you? Well, that is proof that you need to overcome this situation.

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Content Marketing Is A Commitment, Not A Campaign

Image from

Image from

People go online to find information. They may be looking for videos, articles, or even images, but they are all after to gain more knowledge on certain topics. This is why content marketing is an important aspect of online marketing.

With the help of content marketing, entrepreneurs can easily provide their target audiences information about their products or services. Hence, content marketing is an on-going process of providing relevant and valuable content and not just a gimmick.

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