Why Outsource Web Development

For some people who don’t want to spend time studying web development basics or go all OC on a specific web project, outsourcing is a definite must. Besides the fact that they want to focus on more pressing matters like how to manage their business other than working on a website, it’s also pretty low cost – I mean, really. While most experienced in-house web developers can charge you a hundred or more bucks for a web project, outsourcing it overseas can actually save you more than half.

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How to Build Your Email List with WordPress

As an Internet marketer, you should know that a list is a very valuable thing to have namely because it contains your list of prospects or customers. While most people go through the hassles of funnel creation and sales page generation to obtain an email list, you can always create one using your own blog. This video shows you how:

Remember, you have to think of something your ideal customer or prospect would want to receive just so they can give you their email address. Think maybe white papers, free reports or a video that will answer their most pressing questions and you’re well on your way.

How To Make The Most Out Of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a place for professionals. So in essence, it means business. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to the next professional in the social networking site. If anything, LinkedIn is a great place to start conversations about industries that each of you businessmen and Internet marketers would appreciate.

LinkedIn Groups allows professionals to be in places where they want to be. All they have to do is search for a group that’s relevant to their industry and join in. Of course, some of these groups would need to screen you first before they let you enter. Others would just let you in at the click of the Join Group button.

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Offline Engagements – How to Make it Happen

Part of establishing an online presence is involving yourself with offline activities that are, in one way or another, relevant to your industry. Besides assuring a relatively big following for your online presence, you also make sure that this audience is highly motivated. Thus, it increases your chances at producing results that matter for your campaign.

Here are a few things you might want to do for offline ventures. Check it out:

Scout out relevant events – I can’t stress how important it is to participate in an event that’s relevant to your niche. It’s similar to bringing your products where your prospects and customers are. Essentially, if you’re in the Internet marketing industry, you’d like to go to events that feature SEO, social media or Internet marketing events in general. But hey, if you’re creative enough you’d be able to market anything online – all you need to do is be there.

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6 Tips for Work-From-Home Peeps

Contrary to popular belief, working from home isn’t as “easy” as it is. A lot of colleagues say that they would rather work in a corporate-looking office rather than in their place. Some of them would actually risk the commute than stay at home where they are allegedly “safe”. A testament to that is the rate of productivity that a newbie worker-from-home would

I know that there are a lot of factors that affect such a view of working from home. But it all really boils down to intense focus and efficient time management. Here are 9 tips for work-from-homers that should make the “working” life a little more bearable.

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Getting Rid of SPAM

No one likes SPAM (the Internet equivalent, at least). Laws have been passed to work against such backwater tactics and still, the problem remains. No matter though, I’ve found something that might help you out when dealing with it. Check this video out by Don Crowther, my social media hero.

If ya’ll think it’s helpful, share it so you can help others deal with spam.

Mind Tapering Nonsense: Keep blogging

You know what I think hampers productivity?

Writer’s block.

When blogging, it’s commonplace to experience writer’s block. Whenever you feel that you’re head’s not getting creative enough and the clairvoyant space in it is now just filled with clutter and disarray, you’re going to need to take a short break until you get it to produce again. This is an otherwise, passive approach to the problem that is writer’s block and it’s something I don’t normally recommend to anyone.

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How To Start Your Day Right When Working From Home

So you get up, get a shower, have some nice bacon and eggs for breakfast before you start work. What’s the next thing you should do? Admit it, peeps. We’ve all had our share of waking up on the wrong side of the bed but whenever we’re going to start our day, we ought to make sure we start it strategically.

 Here’s a nice little tip from Henry Evans of Timezonemarketing.com:

That’s a little quick win for any of us!

How to Get Your Facebook Posts to Appear More Frequently

Getting your Facebook page posts to appear on other people’s news feeds is certainly vital if you want to provide value and at the same time drive traffic to your site. It’s also especially important in trying to nurture that relationship you have with your fans.

There are basically 2 things that affect your post’s chances of getting to appear on your fans’ news feeds. They are as follows:

  • Frequency – This basically denotes the interval of time between each posts.
  • Interaction – This is the number of likes and comments a post gets.

So how do you get your posts to appear in your fans’ feeds?

Here’s a short step by step tutorial:

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Content Marketing: Why You’ll Need More Than Just Two Hands

I have a philosophy about blogging and it goes a little something like this – write at least 2 articles per day. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing a small case of writer’s block, just write 2 good posts for a day.

Besides trying to train myself to become a better writer (nothing wrong with expanding your skills, right?), I wanted to gain the search engine’s favor by giving it all the food it wants. Yes peeps. Textual content is one of the best ways to get your website ranked.

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