Marketing Insight Wednesdays: Provide Content That Solves Your Customer’s Problems

Content that solves problems

Have you ever experienced having a question you so badly wanted answered that you felt very relieved someone provided an answer?

What did you feel for the person who provided that answer?

Did it help you, in any context, in the long run?

This simple graphic explains that you need to answer those pressing questions that your audience often asks to gain their trust.

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[VIDEO] Build Your Business with Blogging

A lot of people have asked me why they should get a blog when they can only get a website to start an online business. Well, folks, I’ve got your answer right here:

In this video, I’ll talk about why you should do blogging NOW. I’ll tell you why a blog can help you leverage your relationship with your audience and why valuable content can make life better for the both of you.

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Make It Happen Mondays: Do what you love to do

True business success is achieved when you do what you love to do and are passionate about.

You want my advice for the best business to get in to? Think of something that you really love to do… something that you usually loose track of time while doing it because it’s something that you enjoy doing. Then make a business out of it.


Marketing Insight Wednesdays: Peer Recommendation Works Best

Say, you’re looking for a place to purchase cheap, quality shoes. You look everywhere, from the newspaper ads to malls and shoe stores. Then one of your good friends happens to hear about this and quickly points to this shop just downtown.

Question: Which recommendation are you going to take? The ones from the ads? Or the one that your good friend pointed out to you?

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