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Hey, folks and as you already know, I’ve been doing a couple of speaking gigs and workshops lately.

So here’s an announcement: I’m having another workshop on the 30th of January next year!

Thing is, I’ll need your help in making my workshops better for you. With this in mind, I’d like to ask you all to check out this little video I have and let me know what you think.

Marketing Insight Wednesday: Facebook Traffic is Highest Midweek Between 1-3PM

facebook stats

Here’s a little something you might want to take into mind when you’re marketing in Facebook, folks:

So, roughly, by this time, I guess office staff are checking their Facebook after lunchtime – or something to that sense. In any case, another takeaway from this little graphic is the fact that we need to monitor our target audience’s Facebook activity.

This is so that you can find out when to post when getting the maximum potential reach of your audience. To do this, you need to do a little experimenting!

And this is where the fun begins. I started off posting from 8AM. Turned out, it’s worked for me. But after awhile, I wanted to see if I can improve that, so I started with 9AM. And so on and so forth.

So far though, posting after lunch is pretty awesome.

So do some experimenting on your own and find out when most of your target audience is online on Facebook.

Core Values of a Digital Influencer: AUTHENTICITY

On November 24, 2012, I spoke in the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit in Cebu. It was a riveting experience to meet people from all over the Philippines and share with them what it’s like being transformed into an influencer. One thing I may have missed sharing with them is one core value every influencer should have.

You ever wonder how some people are able to rally an audience behind their cause or advocacy even though they’re not really good speakers or assume some celebrity status? It could be a rare instance, but it DOES happen. Ever wondered about how some people are generally more trusted on the spot even if it’s the first time an audience meets them?

Well, folks, it’s got everything to do with being AUTHENTIC!

In this video, I’ll show you one of the core values that literally get people to follow you without any effort at all.

What do you think, folks? Let me know in the comments section below!

Oh, and folks, the next DIgital Influencers Marketing Summit is going to be held in La Union on January 26, 2013. If you want to learn how to be a Digital Influencer and maybe go surfing in the wonderful beaches of La Union, then sign up and get ready to Make It Happen!

Make It Happen Mondays: The First Step in getting somewhere is to DECIDE

make it happen

The First Step in getting somewhere is to DECIDE that you are not going to stay where you are

If you’ve ever gotten that feeling of being stuck, you’ll know that you’ll have a hard time getting out of whatever it is you’re stuck on/with.

Thing is, the first thing to do whenever you want to get the heck out of the rut you’re in is to DECIDE.

Decide that you don’t want to be in the rut you’re in.

Intend to move forward and get the heck out of there.

Basically, the whole universe would conspire to your choice – and eventually, a mechanism will follow and you’ll be out of whatever thing you’re stuck on/with in no time.

Make It Happen Mondays: Don’t Quit

dont quit

When you’re in an all-time low in whatever it is you’re doing, go back to why you started. What was your reason for doing this? Why did you start?

At some point, something in you told you that you wanted to do this because, other than the other reasons you have, you just wanted to. But I’ll leave that to you.

Don’t quit just yet. Think about it and go back to your purpose for starting this in the first place.

Just for Fun Fridays: Captcha Problem


Ever been in the Internet and encountered one of these things?

Can’t blame websites for trying to confirm if you’re human, but really, do they have to be THAT tough for some people?

In any case, what’s the weirdest captcha you’ve got? Let me know in the comments section below.

Facebook Stats: People Ages 25-34 Use Facebook the Most

facebook stats

People Ages 25-34 Use Facebook the Most

I know what you’re thinking:

“So these are the people who use Facebook the most. So what?”

Well, if you’re going to look at it from the perspective of a

businessman or a census director, 25 year olds are mostly young

professionals who are, needless to say, fearless to try anything new

out for their business venture.

34 year olds are the more “mature” and “wise” kind of businessmen and

women who know a tad bit more than them 25 year olds. They’re open to

the idea of anything relatively new though, like social media.

Somewhere in between, well, they’re pretty much the same of both

worlds – only, that they’re steadily learning more and more stuff.

Either way, these are people who have various interests in stuff, be

it a business or a hobby. They’re also the folks who have the money

to spend on whatever it is that floats their boat.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

In a world that’s filled to the brim with ads, both online and offline, there exists a type of marketing that really (and literally) draws leads and customers in. It also makes them convert more!

Inbound marketing involves the creation content that’s custom-fit for a particular type of audience. This sort of content is something that tickles that particular target’s interest – which means that it can potentially convert more.

Here’s a little infographic that explains what inbound marketing is and how it compares to traditional outbound marketing:

Inbound or Outbound

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your outbound marketing efforts. At some point, they still work. And if you combine it with Inbound marketing, it’ll be a conversion machine.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: http://www.pamorama.net/2012/03/31/inbound-marketing-vs-outbound-marketing-infographic/#axzz2BEYlTmJu

Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

There are two main approaches when it comes to marketing – there’s the outbound approach, where you get yourself in front of your leads’ faces and start selling them stuff AND there’s the inbound approach where leads literally find you.

In this video, I’ll do a comparative analysis of what each approach brings you. Check it out:

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