Top 10 Ways to Hit Page 1

seo dim2013 la union

Photo courtesy of Reymart Maneclang Canuel

Last January 26, 2013, I spoke at the Digital Influencer Marketing Summit  which was held at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in San Fernando La Union.

It was a challenge to talk in the afternoon specially after a sumptuous buffet lunch in a 1st class resort . I had to literally gulp 2 cups of coffee and pump up the adrenaline to keep myself awake. I guess the bigger challenge for me that afternoon was to discuss the topic of SEO in non technical manner but at the same time not to bore those who are quite familiar with SEO with a lot of newbie stuff.

And since my topic for the summit was “How Influencers and Brand Advocates are Shaping Search Engine Results”, I thought of coming up with my own “Top 10 Ways to Hit Page 1”.

So here you go:

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

If you’re sick of the world’s negativity, all that news about legislation, homicides, etc etc etc, then turn it off and have  a little change of thoughts. All too often, entrepreneurs are given this notion that having a business involves a lot of hard work so much so that it gets discouraging and that there’s a big chance that it will fail. And true enough, most startups fail because of their proponents’ being stressed or tired.

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