It seems impossible until it is done

When you’re just about to plan a goal or a business, it always feels like it is so hard and just really impossible to achieve. But once you’ve started on it, it would feel easier.

Isn’t that always the case? The more we think about how hard or impossible our task is the more it becomes difficult? But when we just start doing it, it feels lighter and it seems like we’d accomplish our task in no time.

Like the quote above says, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

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Patience is keeping a good attitude while waiting

I really like this quote and it says a lot about the people I know who are patient. They are not just capable to wait, but their attitude towards waiting is the fascinating trait.

They are cool about waiting. I just don’t mean waiting for a meeting to start but in their life as well, because they trust that things will be all right.

Have you ever been anxious waiting for something? Do you know the feeling of fear and excitement at the same time? At times, we just can’t help feel that way.

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When it gets too much, just remember to Hang In There!


Hang in there my friend. Don’t let go.

At times, it will feel like we are being picked on as unfortunate events befall us. When this happen, don’t give up. Don’t quit on reaching your goals.

Challenges and obstacles are but normal to come into our lives. And as entrepreneurs these are the things we cannot avoid. We will encounter a number of obstacles as we reach for our goal.

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Twitter Talk: A Twitter Vocabulary

twitter vocabulary

Twitter is one of the fastest and updating social media platform there is. In just seconds you easily get updates from your friends, new agencies, and favorite celebrities.

Aside for information bank, Twitter can also help you with your online business. You can use this platform to give your clients instant updates as well as interact with them. It’s also a great way to answer queries and receive feedback.

But before that, here’s a vocabulary list on everything you would need to understand Twitter:

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[ASK BEN] How can I make my brand/product more searchable on Facebook?

ask ben question # 2


How can I make my brand/product more searchable on Facebook?

From Karlo Victor Abapo 

My Answer:

Perform a process called Facebook Graph Search Optimization, which essentially makes your Facebook Business page rank higher in the Facebook Graph Search according to your target keywords.

How does it exactly work? The same with search engines; Facebook now has a formula to determine the relevance of a Facebook page to a particular user. This simply means you can easily search for establishments and businesses in a specific category through certain keywords.

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Think of the time you have


Surely, you’ve told yourself many times before, “I’ve got the time, I can do it later.” The more we prolong what we need to do, the more we delay our success.

We always think we have the time, and maybe that’s just the trouble. We become too lax at times that we forget how much being prompt and alert can benefit us.

At times, we think we have the luxury of time, but in reality, we only have 24 hours in a day and we must use them wisely. If we use our time efficiently, not only will we be more productive, but we will also reach our goals immediately.

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The Bigger the Challenge, The Bigger the Opportunity to Grow

Image from Karen Salmansohn

Image from Karen Salmansohn

Never be discouraged by the challenges that come in your way, think of them as opportunities that will help you improve.

Whether in business or in life, everybody will encounter challenges. Although at times, it feels like we encounter more challenges as entrepreneurs. Why is that? Because there is a specific goal that we want to achieve, and these challenges often make us feel like they are hindering us from achieving our goals immediately.

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Be Brave, Take Risks

Risks can be scary.But it’s the not knowing what will happen next that’s truly scary. You start asking yourself questions like: “Will I succeed? What if it doesn’t work out?”

And you know, that the only to find out is if you take that risk.

All entrepreneurs take risks. Being an entrepreneur is already a risk on its own because you have really no control or power over what will happen next. Yes, you can do the market study, the research, and prepare, but there will always be some aspects in your business when the decision to take or not take the risk is the only way to go.

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