What do I blog about?

This is probably the first question that kept me thinking for days when I decided to start a new blog. And every business new to blogging has the same question.

What do I blog about?

I wrote a separate article about “Customer Empathy” earlier. This exercise will guide you get in to the shoes of your customers and “empathize” with them on a more personal level. Although there’s big business value in going through it, I must say that most people who tried it out really had a hard time going through the exercise.

So I’m publishing this short blog post to in a way simplify this process and get us out of that “Analysis Paralysis” of identifying the niche for our blog. And here I will show you a quick 5 step process in identifying your niche.

This post was inspired by the teachings of Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com who influenced me in so many ways in creating success in my online business.

So here are the simple steps:

1. Identify your Passions, Fears and Problems. Write down a list of ten items for each.

2. Take money out of the picture. Just write down the first 10 Passionss, Fears and Problems that comes in to your mind.

3. From the list of 30, narrow it down to 10 potential markets.

4. Perform Keyword Research for the top 10 potential markets using Market Samurai.

In doing keyword research, it’s all about getting to the first page of the Google Search Results. And the higher the number of people searching for these keywords and the higher your website rank on Google for these keywords, the bigger the opportunity is.

There are several ways and tools that can be used to perform keyword research for FREE. But Market Samurai can make the process easier and cut down the work and time significantly. So instead of spending days doing keyword research, you can just spend a few hours in a coffee shop in doing keyword research with Market Samurai. So go ahead and download a FREE Trial version to see what I mean.

Here’s a quick video from Patt Flynn on doing Keyword Research using Market Samurai.

I hope this quick guide makes niche selection for your blog a lot less painful.

Drop me a message if you have any questions.

Cheers! :)

You Are Never Too Old To Dream A New Dream


Starting over can be harder than failing. It can give you disappointment and make you lose hope. There is also that lingering fear if you can make it this time. The good thing is, it is a whole new chance to do better; another shot to succeed.

Some businessmen don’t succeed at their initial try. They can experience loss and would often have to get back on their footing, in order to turn their business around. Some would even start again from the ground up. That’s really all right, because it means they are never giving up. They can try again and go for a new dream. There are times when we would discover new dreams and we have a chance to turn our life around.

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Wait And It Will Be Too Late


We don’t always have to wait for that one big break. Sometimes, we need to make great opportunities happen for our business and us.

As entrepreneurs, we believe in careful preparations and good research before diving into a new business venture. Often, we question and ask for proofs on new fads. There are also times, when we need to think less and act more in order to succeed. A great example of this is what Seth Godin said, “If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late.”

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More Contact Means More Word Of Mouth

Image from HubSpot

Image from HubSpot

When people hear the term networking, they tend to see it as something negative. It’s like they are afraid they will be used at one point. But it’s not. It’s just about getting to know more people aside from your first-degree relationships and sharing ideas and concepts.

Network is all about expanding the contacts in the web of relationships each individual has and engaging with those people. As entrepreneurs, we value our contacts. They become our avenue to send the message across. In fact, they are the best medium to market and even advertise our brands and products. Gary Vaynerchuk said, “More contact means more sharing of information, gossiping, exchanging, engaging—in short, more word of mouth.”

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Nothing Stays The Same Forever


Change is inevitable. Everybody goes through it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, and what you are doing. You will eventually experience a change or two at one point in your life. It could be as big as a change in career or as little as switching your morning coffee with hot chocolate.

The thing with change is, it always come. Even if we feel like we are not ready for it or if we don’t want it. So the best thing to do is just welcome change. This will sure make your life a whole lot easier and you’d be able to adapt to it quickly. It’s just like what the quote said, “Nothing stays the same forever. You must learn to change as life changes, or life will force you one way or another.”

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Provide Value By Creating Valuable Products

Image from HubSpot

Image from HubSpot

Asking what your customers want is a great way to know which products to offer them. But you shouldn’t just rely on that. You need to research on what they would possibly need in the future.

Asking is a good way to get the right answers. But thorough research will also point you to the right direction. As entrepreneurs, we cater to the needs of our clients. In order to find these out, we must look beyond and investigate on what else we can offer them. We need to go beyond what customers ask of us. Steve Jobs said, “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built they’ll want something new.”

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What Consumes Your Mind, Controls Your Life

Image from  Crazy Motivational

Image from Crazy Motivational

We sometimes think too much. We think of what we can do more, what should have been and could have been, that we forget what is important.

We often regret what we did in the past and become very anxious of the future that we totally miss on living in the present. There is nothing wrong with learning from past mistakes and preparing for the future, but we also need to take a good look at what is happening now. That is the best time to really concentrate on. If you keep worrying, that is the only thing you will be doing. You will spend most of your time and energy on that. Meanwhile, if you dwell on the negative, then you are also inviting negative events and circumstances into your life.

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Relevance Makes Content Engaging

Image from HubSpot

Image from HubSpot

Nobody wants news of what happened two weeks ago. People want to know what is happening now. It is about being updated with the current events and what’s interesting for them.

The best way to talk to your followers is by updating them and by giving them relevant information. These information needs to be useful. If you have a blog targeting work-at-home moms, and you suddenly talk about aeronautics and how to get to the moon, chances are they won’t read it. They don’t need just any information. It must be relevant to who they are and what they do on a regular basis. Gail Goodman said, “What makes content engaging is relevancy. You need to connect the contact information with the content information.”

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Social Media Is A New Kind Of Public Space

Image from HubSpot

Image from HubSpot

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.—it seems like there’s a new social media outlet every month or so. The number of users also keeps on growing.

As digital entrepreneurs, we need to have an online presence. But with the numerous social media outlets, it may feel like it’s hard to keep up. You may ask, why we need the online presence. Why share? Why social media? What is it anyway? Danah Boyd said, “The way you can understand all of the social media is as the creation of a new kind of public space.”

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Never Say It’s Your Last Attempt Until You Have Succeeded

Never give up—that’s the mantra you need to follow in order to reach your full potential and your dreams.

Challenging times will always come to us. No matter where you are and what you do, we will be put in a situation where in we will be tested. There may even be a time when you would want to give up. Just remember, “Never say you have failed until you have reached your last attempt, and never say it’s your last attempt until you have succeeded.”

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