Copybloggers Solves The 15 WordPress User Errors

Nobody gets it right the first time and we have all been down that road in being a newbie even into managing our own WordPress- based blog or website.

It’s a process as they say, but how can we make sure that the essentials are laid out and we don’t miss them? We can research and create a checklist.

Copyblogger didn’t exactly created a checklist, but they created an infographic showing the 15 WordPress user errors that make you look silly.

Check it out!
15 WordPress User Errors That Make You Look Silly [Infographic]

All You Have To Do Is Try


The first step will always be the hardest. It’s the trying phase when you are not so sure how the outcome will turn out. But this is also a start of something.

We are often put in a situation where we have to do things for the first time. Yes, it might seem scary because we have no clue what exactly would happen afterwards. But we might as well give it a shot. Just like what the quote above said, “All you have to do is try.” There is no harm in trying; however, regret poses a more negative effect on us.

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Do’s and Don’ts Of Content Marketing

do's and dont's on content marketing

Even up to now when people talk about content marketing, a lot of them are left clueless. The main reason is because they don’t know what content is and why they need it.

Is it just blog posts, video clips, and photos? These are all content and more.

Once you’ve established the importance of content and what it is, then you can go ahead and find out what you need to do with them.

This slideshare presentation will give you the necessary information you need without loading your brain with technicalities. Enjoy the presentation and create powerful, engaging content!

Guest Blogging on Guest Crew

Guest blogging is a great way to engage with readers and with your industry peers. It’s a great way to keep the content in your blogs fresh as well. You don’t need to scour for other bloggers because there’s a great and helpful tool out there.

One of these tools is Guest Crew. What’s good about it is it can benefit advertisers and bloggers at the same time. Here’s an infographic explaining the easy process.


A Guide on How to Use Guest Crew for Bloggers & AdvertisersImage from Visually

If you’re looking for fresh content and improved traffic, why not try Guest Crew? Check it out today!



Social Networking Has Become A Familiar Part Of The Internet

Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

Nowadays, most people can’t go about their day without checking their social media accounts. Some of them even do this before they go to bed and the moment they wake up, specially now with the popularity of smartphones.

Social networking has become so much part of our lives that we prefer to communicate online than offline. Chatting with colleagues is done through instant messaging and updating statuses are the new ways to let people know what you are up to. It has become a way of life and only evolving more as new social media platforms are being introduced. David Kirkpatrick said, “From sixdegress to Friendster, to Facebook, social networking has become a familiar ubiquitous part of the Internet.”

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Tweetdeck For Beginners

tweetdeck for begginers

With the onslaught of social media marketing, we need better ways to manage or Twitter activities; hence, using TweetDeck as a solution.

TweetDeck is in an organized desktop form that would make the lives of social media mangers and casual tweeters easier. It has different organizational tools like customizable columns, multiple accounts toggling and scheduling. The simplicity of using TweetDeck starts in setting it up.

First, download the TweetDeck app and create a separate TweetDeck account. From there, you’ll be able to access Twitter. You have the option of choosing the Chrome web app or installing either the Windows or Mac desktop apps.

You can connect to as many Twitter accounts as you want through the Settings. Just be mindful of which account you will use as your default to prevent accidentally tweeting from your other accounts.

TweetDeck can automatically update your feed by simply checking the “Stream tweets in real time” option under the General setting. You can even change the appearance of your deck with several options of: light and dark color schemes, larger or smaller font sizes, and wider or thinner columns.

Utilize the Columns feature by creating columns for your DM inbox, timeline, interactions, and more. All you have to do is “Add Column.” You can manage and easily read through your lists you’re subscribed on or to by using Columns. Easily organize your lists depending on your interests, events or things that would usually be hidden on your main feed. If you notice, the columns have numbers on the top left of the header bar. When you type those numbers you can go from column to column.

The search function is really handy when you want to follow several hashtags during events.

Recent updates let you preview added images, get auto-fill suggestions for hashtags and handles, and easily shorten links on the left sidebar.

Replying to tweets is easy too. If you want to reply to multiple users not in the same conversation, just click the reply arrow on the tweets you want to reply to and the handles will appear in the original compose field you opened.

Meanwhile, scheduling tweets is made easier by a quick calendar view with timestamps.

Managing tweets can be made easier. Try TweetDeck and see if it would work well with you!

Do More Of The Stuff That Makes You Happy

do more stuff that makes you happy

We should always consider the things that make us happy. We must value them and pursue them.

As we continue to improve ourselves, we shouldn’t take away the stuff that makes us happy. In fact, we should do more of it. When we set a goal, we also have to think about how it will make us feel. Will it make us happy? Will it give us a sense of fulfillment? These are just some of the questions we may ask ourselves.

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Social Media Tips: 3 Free Tools For Scheduling Tweets

schedule tweetsNot everyone is twitter-savy, let alone has the luxury of time to spend a whole day on twitter. It is important to engage with followers and industry leaders on Twitter. A solution for that is scheduling tweets.

For now, Twitter has a feature to schedule tweets for business users. However, you can also enjoy this function through some social media management tools like Hootsuite and SocialFlow. But today I’m sharing another option.

There are standalone services that can help Twitter users schedule tweets to go live in the future. For today’s social media tip, I’ll share 3 free tools anyone can use to schedule their tweets.

First is Twuffer, this tool let’s you write and schedule your tweets in a simple calendar-type interface. Such interface makes it easier to schedule every tweet any time of the day. Think of it as a planner for your tweets. Doesn’t that make it easier to manage?

Next is FutureTweets, which is also a simple tool. You need to first set your timezone before composing your tweets. After that, you can already set the date and time when you want your tweet to be live by clicking “schedule.” Some features include adding emoticons and even flipping your tweet, making the texts appear upside down. The latter can either impress or annoy your friend in Twitter.

Lastly is the tool LaterBro. This tool can accommodate tweets and Facebook status updates. First you have to sign up with your respective Twitter and Facebook accounts. Then you need to set your timezone and you are set. You can compose your tweet and just schedule when you want it to go live. With LaterBro, you’ll be able to see all your scheduled posts in a list.

There really is no more excuse not to tweet. Take advantage of Twitter and engage with your followers. Schedule your tweets however you want to. Offer your followers valuable information and share your insights in 140 character or less.

It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day


Sometimes, all we need is the right attitude. This is true especially when creating and reaching for our goals. We need to set our mind into it, have the right attitude, and take action!

So let’s start with today. Let’s follow what the quote above said, “It’s a good day to have a good day.” Imagine if you tell yourself that everyday, and you just believe in it. With that kind of mental attitude, you can accomplish so much.

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Audio Blog: Execute A Good Plan Now

 how to execute a good planOver-preparing has its pro’s and con’s.  Sure you’d cover all the details, but it can make you lose the window of opportunity laid out for you. Sometimes, we only get one chance and we mustn’t waste it. I’m all up for preparing a plan of action, but timing is also integral to the plan’s success. According to George S. Patton, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

I agree with Patton, because we can’t always have a perfect execution, but we can always take advantage of a perfect timing. And perfect timing is integral in success. There will come a time when you will just have to execute whatever plan you already have on hand and take action. There’s no need to wait for tomorrow or next week. Don’t just wait for the perfect timing, make it! Would you rather be successful tomorrow than today?

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