Listen In Order To Learn

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Learning doesn’t end when we graduate from school. We keep learning throughout our lives, whether in our personal relationships or in our professional careers. The best way to learn is to listen.

Listening is an integral part of learning. This is when we absorb various ideas the most. It’s just like what Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff said, “We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.” What Li and Bernoff meant was we are in world where learning is endless. All we need to do is listen and be open to all these information. We mustn’t discount an idea immediately. We must consider everything we hear, read, or see. Take time to ingest them before digesting the pieces of information. Soon, we would be coming up with new ideas to share too.

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Be Grateful For The Little Things

be grateful for the little things

With everything that is happening right now, we just need to remind ourselves to be grateful.

A lot of lives, homes, and other personal belongings were lost with the onslaught of the recent typhoon. Some of us are lucky enough not to be heavily affected and for that we must remain grateful. It is times like these that we think more about our blessings but we shouldn’t wait for disastrous circumstances to come before we look at what we have.

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The Future Is Created By What You Do Today, Not Tomorrow

All our dreams and our aspirations can only come true if we do something about them. How soon? The answer to that question lies on when we will start.

We can’t expect immediate result, especially if we’re not doing anything. Whatever we want to be part of our future depends on what we are willing to do in the present. Just like what the quote above says, “The future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”

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3 Ways To Improve Your Call-to-action

call to action

How do you keep your readers hooked?

One way is to keep on producing valuable content. But sometimes the last sentence or 3-5 words can make them come back to your site the next day.

It is the call-to-action. Usually, call-to-action includes the words “click here,” “sign-up today,” and “buy now.”

They generally answer the question, “why?” Why should your customers “buy now”? An example of a call-to-action is, “buy today and enjoy the benefits!”

How can you make sure your call-to-action is effective? Here are three questions to ask yourself:

Does you sentence grab your attention? – The first test subject will be you. Is the sentence capturing your attention to the point that you will read on? If, you’re answer is, “yes, this is good.” Well, don’t settle with it. You have to make it excellent! Because only excellent call-to-action will make your readers perform an action, whether it is to get a discount, sign up, etc.

Is your call-to-action emphatic? – Is it noticeable enough that it already sounds a bit like a sales pitch? Well, if it’s not, make it sound more sales-y. Just remember not to rub it in to the point that it will lose its flavor. Make it obvious enough that readers will notice it!

Did you link your call-to-action? – In order follow through an action, you need to provide your readers with resources that will help them take that action. In the case of a blog, your followers need to read your entire content; they need to be directed to the right page. If it’s a video or sound clip, make sure the link is working.

If all your answer to these questions is yes, well congratulations! Your content is getting momentum and you will soon enjoy the success of your website.  If not, then better work on it some more. Don’t fret! We have more blogging tips that will help you have a successful blog.

What Lasts, Won’t Come Easy

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It’s always going to be a challenging journey for something that is worthwhile. It will never be easy. Those that come easy are some things we lose just as easily.

You may even ask, why is that? My only answer is because of how much we value something. If we invest hard work and time into a business, we would strive even harder to maintain its success. But if we get something easily, chances are we wouldn’t care much on its improvement. Striving and facing the challenges are parts of the reward. They are there not just to test us, but also to prepare us for what’s to come.

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How To Go Viral Online?

A presentation in slideshare made by a digital agency called Xplain, tells us how digital marketers help brands become viral.

The presentation’s message was easy to understand. We just need to realize the facts that the digital world is full of information, videos, and so much marketing ploy that it can sometimes be difficult to stand out and make a difference. In short, how can you make people react and share what you have to say? How can you spread an idea?go viral online

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Audio Blog: Turn your dreams in to REALITY!

We all dreamed of being successful in our chosen professions. In fact, that’s where it all starts. Our dreams fuel us to keep going and making our dream to come true.dream come true

Jesse Owens said, “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

The only way we can make our dreams into reality is by making it happen. And that means being committed and determined to do what we need to. It also means exerting effort and taking time to do things. Our dreams won’t just happen on their own; we need to do something about them. Just make them happen.

Twitter Acronyms And Their Definitions

Twitter Acronyms And Their DefinitionsWith a limit of 140 characters, Twitter users need to make the best out of each character. One way to shorten Tweets is by using acronyms and abbreviations. But not everyone knows them. So I compiled some useful acronyms along with their definitions. Check them out:

SMH – (Shaking My Head) Twitter users use this when they read something that they don’t actually agree with or showing their disgusts.

H/T – (Hat Tip) This is used when Twitter users share something they heard from someone else. It is mainly used to give credit.

MT – (Modified Tweet) This is somehow similar with RT or Retweeting. The main difference is you us MT when you shorten the original tweet to fit it and your comment in just 140 characters.

TBH – (To Be Honest)  If you want to express your honest opinion on something, use this acronym at the end of your statement.

ICYMI – (In Case You Missed It) Updates and sharing of information is so fast nowadays that it is just easy to miss some of them. This acronym can help inform your followers of important news that they may have missed.

Next time somebody uses these acronyms, you can avoid being lost in translation!

Effective Engagement Starts With Being Human

Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

Successful Internet marketing relies on engagement. This engagement can be with our followers or with influencers. But how will we effectively engage with our followers?

Brian Solis has a good explanation. He said, “Effective engagement is inspired by the empathy that develops simply by being human.” We shouldn’t overthink how to engage online. We need to tackle it simply by being human. What does this means? It means showing concern, empathizing how they feel, and expressing our genuine intentions. It’s about putting ourselves in the shoes of our followers and feeling what they feel. This includes feeling their pains. Which areas in their lives are they having difficulty in? Also, thinking about their dreams. What do they aspire to have or to be?

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