Jobs Of The Future

Fifty years ago, there was no Search Engine Optimization. Digital entrepreneurs were not even heard of. Also, we didn’t need any Social Media Manager then. Careers and jobs are evolving. Ever wondered what the jobs of the future would be?

With technological advancements we are experiencing, who knows what occupations would arise in the future.

In this slideshare presentation, 20 jobs of the future are presented, a lot of them we haven’t heard of. But who knows what the future will be. See if you would fit any of these job descriptions.

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

If you want to achieve great things, then you have to go beyond your comfort zone. You won’t get anywhere by doing what you are used to. You need to go beyond what you think you can do in order to see your full potential.

Nobody ever did something great by wishing for it or by staying in his or her comfort zone. Success lies beyond what we are comfortable in. We achieve our goals by stretching our capabilities and skills in ways we have never imagined. It’s just like what the quote above said, “Great things never came from comfort zones.”

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5th DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit

Freelancing and working from home is no longer just a trend. It is now a popular lifestyle. In fact, there are many freelancers out there today getting projects through contractors or marketplaces. However, very few are confident enough to strive in building their own identity online.

To help fellow freelancers and work-at-home professionals, I will share my insights on how I use e-commerce to generate awareness and income online, including practical advise for those who would like to take a similar path at the 5th DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit.

Now on its fifth year, The DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit or E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit will be held this February 15, 2014 at Function Hall 1, SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City Philippines.

It is an intensive 1-day educational event on e-commerce strategies as well as a gathering of e-commerce practitioners who will share insights and strategies on making e-commerce work and help grow your business.

The an intensive 1-day educational event on e-commerce strategies targets “to empower entrepreneurs, decision makers, marketers, strategists, sales managers, supply chain managers, brand managers, and from change thinkers to change makers.”

The event will also serve as a prime gathering of DigitalFilipino Club members, DigitalFilipino Web Awards winners, and industry practitioners.

Event fee is 3000 pesos. This includes a 1 year access in the E-commerce Boot Camp website, and attend any of the paid learning programs.

To know about the event’s agenda and to register, simply visit this website. You may also contact Digital Filipino/Janette Toral (send a private message). She can also be reached through mobile at 0920-9508696 or via Twitter @digitalfilipino.

What Are Your Blogging Goals?

What Are Your Blogging Goals

Now you’re done with the webhosting and domain name. You even named your blog already, what now?

Aside from fixing you blog schedule, you need to know what are your long-term blogging goals. These goals will set the standard of what you blog about, how often you want to do it, and what do you want to achieve once they are all done.

The goals will set as your destination in the blogging world and would help you create your path or action plans towards that goal. If you don’t set long-term goals you can be misdirected and get confuse.

To help define your goals, you need to first define the big picture. Ask yourself what you want to achieve next month or so. Then, ask yourself what do you want after a year. These smaller questions will then lead you to finding what you truly want. By dissecting the “long-term” into shorter time periods, you can come up with a clear view of where you want to end up and your ultimate path.

Next, you need to make your goals visible. Write it down and post it on your office. Keep them visible until it will sink into your subconscious that every action you do already takes you to your long-term goals.

This can also prevent you from getting distracted and be taken away from your goals. Blogging can attract distractions. You’d always think of a great idea. What you can do is see if you can turn these distractions into steps leading you to your goals.

This leads to one of the hardest thing to do, not just in blogging, learning how to say no. It’s a great big world of opportunities out there. And with blogging, it would seem like the possibilities are just endless. So what you can do is to choose which opportunities you need to take. You need to learn to say no to some and yes to others.

Do you have a long-term goal for your blog? If not, then you may want to take a day or two thinking about what you want and how to get it. Envision the finish line and work your way backwards. You also need to look for the fun factor in blogging aside from its business opportunities. Longevity also relies on how enjoyable it is for you and how you contribute to your clients. Focus on your blog and how you want it to progress.

How to make your Blog go VIRAL

What does it means to be “Viral?” Essentially, it is the phenomenon of how content spreads. It is more than posting comedic photos or videos.

How can you make your blog become viral? Let me share my formula on how you can make your blog go viral.

  1. Once you publish your blog, put it… everywhere! – When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere; not just among your social media sites but in other mediums
  2. Grow your follower – great amount of followers means more people would see your posts and more chances your content will be shared.
  3. Make you content easy to share – Place social media sharing buttons prominently on your blog. This makes your readers share your content easier.
  4. Social proof – You need to be socially relevant to your target audience. When people see your social value or that other people trusts you, they will get curious and maybe even earn their trust too.
  5. Use videos – Videos are the most shareable content. It provides the most engagements.
  6. Do Search Engine Optimization – SEO is important to make sure that Google sees you and you rank high in the search engines. This lets more people to see your blog when they search for keywords related to your blog.
  7. Build a mailing list – It’s a great way to connect with your target audience. Ask their permission to send them an email, this way you know that they are already interested in your niche.
  8. Be human – Be personal and let them know who you are. This lets your audience to relate with you and you can easily establish a connection with them.
  9. Be an authority – Being an authority means being a good source of information about your niche.
  10. Create awesome content – Awesome content means remarkable content that people would want to share. Your content must provide value or information that would improve your audience’s quality of life.

Watch the video and learn how to use the formula in your own blog.

Make Your Website To Be Mobile-Ready

Make Your Website To Be Mobile-ReadyNowadays, it’s not enough to just have a website. You also need to make sure that your viewers can access your site no matter what electronic gadget they are using, including mobile devices. Thus, it’s important to adapt a more responsive layout for your website.

There are several ways to make your WordPress blog or website mobile-friendly. The quickest way to make your blog more mobile-friendly is through simple plugins. Here are some plugins you may want to consider installing:

  • WPtouch – it basically strips your existing theme and shows the content of your site. It is user-friendly and works well with content-rich websites like blogs. It comes in free and premium versions.
  • WordPress Mobile Pack – this plugin includes color options and can be used as a mobile switcher for a whole different look for mobile devices. Also, it is very handy in editing posts especially with its mobile interface.
  • BuddyPress Mobile – This plugin works best when your website is running on BuddyPress. It allows you to edit the style sheet of your mobile design with its theme option.

Another way to make sure your website has a responsive layout is by installing mobile themes. This gives a consistent design across desktop and mobile. One example of these themes is Twenty Eleven, which is WordPress’ default theme. Other beautiful responsive themes are:

  • Scherzo – this is great for those who like a clean and minimalist look. Best of all, it focuses on mobile-first responsive design.
  • Jigoshop – this is the answer for making e-commerce websites mobile-friendly. It is a plugin and a theme. Best of all, you can customize it depending on your needs.

There are a lot of responsive themes out in the market today. Before you purchase one, make sure it has everything you need for your website to work fluidly.

Choose what works best for you. Opt to install a plugin or redesign your website with a new responsive theme. See what suits your website and make it mobile-friendly.

Companies Need To Get A Sense Of Humor

Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

Brands and companies would usually engage with their customers through social media platforms. This is where we would usually see their human aspect. Often times, customers want to be able to relate to the brands.

This is why showing the personal and human side of each brand comes in. And it is very important. This lets the brand become closer to their customers. Brands and companies shouldn’t always be so uptight. The also need to loosen up. According to the Cluetrain Manifesto, “Companies need to lighten up and take themselves less seriously. They need to get a sense of humor.”

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Study On When And Who Is Using Which Social Media

Study On When And Who Is Using Which Social Media

Social media is already part of our daily lives and entrepreneurs are starting to realize their importance in various businesses. They now see the value of being active in various social media platforms in order to promote their brands and offer their products. More importantly, social media helps brands and influencers engage with their target audience quickly.

For each social media platform, there is a specific type of audience. So, how do you know where your audience will be? featured a brief on the study Pew Research Center made that shows who is using the different social media networks and when.

For Facebook users, 63% visit the site at least once a day while 40% would visit multiple times during the day. The largest group of users is aged 19 to 29 years old, followed by the 30 to 49-year old age group. Interestingly, 69% of adults “with an income more than $75,000 utilize the network, a percentage much higher than its counterparts.”

When it comes to Twitter, 46% of its users visit daily while 29% checks the site multiple times a day. Twitter is more popular with the women with female users account to 18% while the male only account to 17%.

In LinkedIn, 13% of the users visit the site every day; however, about half say they use the social networking site less than once a week. LinkedIn is more popular among the men with 24% uses the site compared to women with 19%. Adults with an income of $75,000/year or more visit the site.

Instagram is another popular social media site. About 57% of its users pay a visit more than one a day, while 35% would check it multiple times a day. Instagram is popular among people in the 18 to 29-year-old bracket.
If you want to see the full report, you can check it out here.




Let today be a “Yes” kind of day! Shoo away any negativity and just let the positivity come in your life. Let the optimism energize you and fill your day.

We all experience being in a rut, that feeling when you feel down and everything seems like it’s not going your way. Good news is, you can pull yourself out of that sinkhole. You can choose how you want your day to start, to continue, and to end. You can choose to ignore those that bring you down and embrace the opportunities that are about to unfold. You can just say, YES!

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Take Two Ideas And Put Them Together To Make One New Idea

Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

Coming up with a new product can sometimes put us in a difficult situation. We can either end up with nothing or something spectacular. But sometimes it’s all about combining what already exists.

It’s best to practice keeping an idea journal, just so we have a place to store our ideas. There are times when we might get the craziest ideas only to realize it’s a great new discovery. Never dismiss an idea you have now. It may not be applicable today, but who knows, maybe someday it can be a foundation to something life changing. According to Jim Kukral, “Take two ideas and put them together to make one new idea. After all, what is a Snuggie but the mutation of a blanket and a robe?”

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