If You Don’t Like Where You Are, Then Change It.

We will often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, other times it is more than we can tolerate. For those moments, we can choose to stay or do something about it.

Have you ever been in a situation you feel like you can’t get out of? Well, here’s a secret, you can get out of any situation, if you want to and you choose to. Sometimes, we just don’t want to admit it to ourselves and we don’t want to deal with it. But we can always do something; we are not rooted there like a tree. It’s like the quote above says, “If you don’t like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree.”

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My Top 10 Content Marketing Tips for Businesses

It has been proven several times that content draws in people because people go online to find information.

In a nutshell, content marketing is creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage your target audience.

The process of Content Marketing is:

  1. Attract
  2. Convert
  3. Close
  4. Delight

So, why do I use Content Marketing?

  • Communicates without selling
  • Non-interruptive
  • Provides value
  • Rewarded with customer loyalty and trust
  • Generates highly qualified leads and customers

Here are my top 10 Content Marketing tips:

  1. Know your customers
  2. Create a content plan
  3. Be a platform agnostic
  4. Create a distribution plan
  5. Be a content curator
  6. Use videos
  7. Tell your story
  8. Repurpose
  9. Be consistent
  10. 10. Provide value




By Listening, Marketing Will Re-learn How To Talk

Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

The best way to improve is to take time and assess what works, what didn’t work, and what could work better.

When it comes to a business, it is the same thing. The main difference is we have followers and customers who will give us feedbacks. In order to provide better services and products, we need to listen to those feedbacks and consider them when making changes. Doc Searls and David Weinberger said, “By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk.”

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Advice For Entrepreneurs – Blog More!

Advice For Entrepreneurs – Blog More!Entrepreneurs are always on the look out of how else they can improve their businesses. Not many of them consider blogging as a driving force behind their business. Seth Godin shared one habit to he recommends to all entrepreneurs, blog daily.

“Blogging helps you to be more honest with yourself. It allows you to keep thinking of new ideas and forces you to communicate these ideas.”

Legal marketing consultant and blogger, Adrian Dayton, also shared how blogging helps him share what he is reading and thinking about. It is his way of digesting new ideas and learning.

For some, blogging everyday may be too much. But it is a very healthy habit. It keeps your machine well oiled and you get ideas on the comments and feedbacks. You gain more when you share as much as your readers and followers do.

Dayton also addressed other lawyers who don’t think they’re entrepreneurs. He said, “You have identified and started a business venture more than once and continue to do so today. Becoming a lawyer, growing as a lawyer, getting better at serving clients, and growing your business is all about entrepreneurship.”

What do you think are other healthy habits entrepreneurs need to practice? Do you have your own ritual or special practices? Share them below.

Good Things Come To Those Who Work And Never Give Up

We’ve established several times again that success won’t happen overnight. Time is not the only investment; hard work comes to play as well.

If you want to be successful in your career or profession then you need to work hard. You need to develop your craft and keep learning. Improvement is your friend. It will help you get better and achieve your goals. Greatness is a destination and not a starting point. Everyone can get there.

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5 WordPress Mistakes To Avoid

5 WordPress Mistakes To AvoidIs your blog getting poor rankings on Google? Are you optimizing your posts? You may be doing something wrong with your WordPress website.

It could be that your website is not set up correctly; hence, you are not getting the most traffic in Google. Here are five mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not using any WordPress SEO plugin — There are various WordPress plugins to help you optimize your website. They are there for a reason, so use one. You should have at least one plugin installed. You can choose from Scribe, WordPress SEO, Inbound Writer, or All in one SEO. Each plugin has its benefits. You just need to figure out which one would work best for your content. Just make sure to install one.
  2. No keywords in your page name – Put your target keywords on the page name so that Google can see. For example, you want to target the keywords wordpress tips. You assign your page name to be www.yourwebsite.com/wordpress-tips rather than www.yourwebsite.com/?7553013. To make sure you don’t commit this mistake, check the permalinks section in your WordPress website and set up how you want your page address will look like.
  3. Not linking between posts – Linking your content is one part of SEO. This helps Google index your blog posts. It is recommended to link your content to other online content related to it.
  4. Indexing pages you shouldn’t index – Just like your blog’s design, you need to keep indexed pages nice and tidy. If don’t necessarily need to index a page, just don’t. If it won’t provide much value, there’s no need to index it.
  5. Using up valuable keywords in poor-quality blog posts – You need to think about your keywords before writing great content. The only way to rank in Google is to have a valuable blog post with the appropriate keywords.

Check your WordPress site and see if you have committed any of these mistakes. If you did, then better correct them to optimized your blog better.


6 Tips To Freshen Up Your Blog

new blogWe all need to freshen things up or just to update certain aspects in our daily life; maybe you can do that on your workout routine or even in your blog. Freshening it up is the same as introducing something new or incorporating another aspect. Experimenting will always be part of a business in order to grow and progress.

It is just the first quarter of the year and you have every chance to assess your blog and see how you can improve it. Business 2 Community shared some interesting tips on how to do it. Here are some of them.

  1. Do a walk-through of your site. – Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and see how the experience will be. As you do this, you can define how easy and the challenges that may arise for your customer. The goal here is to make the experience for your customer as easy as possible. Also, assess if you are able to effectively present what your blog is about. Are you giving relevant information? Are you able to offer your services? People have shorter attention spans nowadays so make sure you are able to grab theirs for the first 30 seconds they spend on your site. It will also help to place yourself in the shoes of different types of customers, depending on your target market.
  2. Do a passion test. – Does your blog represent you and your passions? Do users instantly get a feel of your passion? In other words, are you getting your message across?
  3. Take note of your audience. – In everything you do in our website or blog, remember your audience. Refreshing your blog doesn’t mean you have to change everything. It should update and enhance your site to the point that it will inspire your readers and followers. Your blog must be able to engage with your audience and provide value.
  4. Build relationships. – One additional like doesn’t automatically mean you’ve gained an audience. It takes more for people to let you in, so take the time to connect with them. Engagement is the first step to earn their trust. You need to do more. You need to listen to their needs and fears. Use their feedback to be able to provide more valuable content that are relevant to your audience.
  5. Blog more. – Applying physical changes to your blog is not enough. You need to provide substance to each page so that your audience has a reason to read what you have to say. The only way to do that is provide relevant and valuable content. So keep blogging and share more.
  6. Inject humor and feelings. – The best way to move your customers is by making them feel. One way is by making them laugh and another is by inspiring them. Humor can help everyone talk about a difficult topic. Connect with your audience through emotions.

Want to know more tips on how to refresh your blog? Click here and see the rest of the list.


35 Habits of the Most Productive People

Have you ever wondered how some people get so much done in their day when in fact you are all given the same 24 hours? You don’t know how they accomplish so much in a span of just 30 minutes.

If you want to know there secret, here is it. Entrepreneur.com shares an infographic of the 35 Habits of the Most Productive People. We can all learn a thing or two from this.

Image from Entrepreneur

Image from Entrepreneur

Attracting The Right Kinds Of Twitter Followers

twitterOnline Marketing expert and Social Media Firm CEO, Scott Levy shares how to create a social media strategy that will help entrepreneurs to boost their brands and business.

First off, you need to define the goal of the strategy and if it is applicable to your business. The questions to ask are:

  • Do you want to brand locally or internationally? You need to define the target reach for your business.
  • How are your resources? How much time and money do you have to monitor your social media activities? If you can’t respond to your Twitter followers, you’ll lose them as brand supporters.
  • What are the types of products and services you offer? Are you catering the mass with affordable goods or high-end items? This will also help how you target your audience.

Aside from those questions, here are more tips to help you attract the right Twitter audience.

  1. Create an excellent profile with photo – Don’t leave out information about yourself. Create a bio that tells your followers who you are and what you do. Also, have a nice photo; preferably a nice close-up of you alone, smiling.
  2. Cross-promote – Let people know about your Facebook profile, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, and other social media sites.
  3. Put your Twitter handle everywhere – Place them on your email, your business card, maybe even have a bumper sticker made. Don’t be shy to let them know how they can find you on Twitter.
  4. Reciprocate – One of the most important things to do in Twitter is to reciprocate. If they like you, like them. Follow other followers back.
  5. Be human – Instead of just showcasing your logo or brand, just be you. Use your own identity. Find ways to connect with other entrepreneurs and establish a relationship with them.
  6. Use photos – This is a great way to attract other people’s attention. Just make sure they are in good quality and appropriate for your audience.
  7. Be in the loop – Update and updates. Always be in the lookout for them and pay attention to updates. You may be missing out on new ways to improve your social media efforts.
  8. Set up a schedule – It’s great to have a specific schedule to tweet or reply to some queries. This way, you have time set up for your social media and your business.
  9. Review what’s working and what’s not – Growing a business means experimenting and trying some things. Sometimes, not everything will work out. You have to keep note of that and change your approach. See what will work best for every situation
  10. Be interesting – Be interesting and engaging through all your tweets. If you are boring then your followers won’t engage with you. Be mindful of your tweets.

Find any of these tips useful? Tell us about it on the comments below. Happy Tweeting!

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Content Marketing for your Business

When it comes to using content marketing for your business, you need to remember these three letters: E, V, and C.

These stand for Engagement, Visibility, and Cost.

Engagement is being able to connect your followers as well as building a relationship with them. Visibility, on the other hand, is being present in the avenues where your target audiences are. If you have flower business then it is best to be present in the flower district. Meanwhile, cost is lower in content marketing compared to traditional forms of marketing.

These three are the very reasons to include content marketing in your business’ marketing strategies.

Watch the video above for more information or leave a comment below.

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