Digital Marketing 101

Even now at a time when internet marketing is no longer new, some are still not sure of what it truly is and how it can help their businesses. To help you on that, let me share the what’s and why’s of digital marketing.

What is internet marketing? How do you define it? Well, according to Wikipedia’s description, “it is the marketing and general promotion of products and services over the internet.”

It is also known as web marketing, online marketing, e-marketing, and more commonly known in the Philippines as “digital marketing”.

Digital marketing includes everything connected to the internet:

  • Regular computer
  • Smart phones and wireless devices
  • Email
  • Mobile apps
  • Internet tv

The 3 Pillars of Internet Marketing are:

  1. Lead Generation – getting people to “see” your business and gain their interest.
  2. Conversion – Turning these visitors to customers by closing a sale.
  3. Follow up – follow them up for any repeat purchases.

These three are important to really have a successful online business. You need people to see your business/products in order to gain interest and customers. You need followers who you can turn into clients and for these clients to come back and purchase again.

Why do you need Digital Marketing?

  • Your target customers are in the internet. – There are 2.8 Billion Internet users as of July, 2013 according to
  • Social media and the internet affects offline and online behavior
  • It’s no longer an option, it’s a requirement – This is especially true for professionals and entrepreneurs.

It’s not enough to just have an awesome website and post ads. Right now, you need to find out where your target audience is hanging out online and engage them there. Most of the people online are looking for information and engage with people. So don’t sell online, build relationships instead.

Meanwhile, here are some of the programs I personally use in my digital marketing efforts for my online business. These are also what I recommend other entrepreneurs on tapping in order to get the most out of their online marketing.

  • Website – this provides credibility as a business as well as Search engine visibility. When your target audience search for you online, they can easily find you.
  • Blog – the easiest and cheapest way to engage with your target audience
  • Social Media Marketing – use all available social media networks.
  • Search Engine Optimization – it’s a process of making your website rank in the search engines based on certain keywords. Remember that Google is the new directory. People go to Google to find out who offers the best product and services.
  • Search and PPC Advertising – these are the most popular online advertising.
  • Email Marketing – this is still the highest converting channel if done right.
  • Blogger and Influencer Marketing – it is when you engage with influencers and thought leaders to promote and improve your brand’s visibility online. It’s all about building relationships online.

Digital marketing is an integral component in a successful business. In a world where everyone is in the Internet, you can’t ignore the fact you need to be present there as well. Learn more about this topic on this webinar replay.


Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day-in And Day-out

Success doesn’t really happen overnight. It takes a lot of perseverance and patience. It’s a journey and success is the destination.

In order to reach our goals, we need to plan and take action. It’s about overcoming the challenges and celebrating the accomplishments. Just read what the quote above says,  “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” There is a continuous process of improvement until you reach your goals.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Facebook

It’s not news that Facebook has become very popular over the years. Some even dub it as the Google of social networks with over 1 Billion active users.

True, we are hooked on it. Posting and checking out our friends’ status updates, taking quizzes, and sharing news. Here’s the thing, anyone can be on Facebook, which means anyone can view intimate details about our lives. For our own safety, we need to keep in mind not to post certain information on Facebook.

Here are the 5 things should never post on Facebook or in any other social media accounts:

  1. You and your family’s full birth dates – Sure, we like seeing “happy birthday” posts on our Facebook wall from our friends but when you list your full birth dates, you are also susceptible to identity theft. It’s best not to list you birth date, but if you still want to, remember to leave the year out.
  2. Your relationship status – One of the most updated things in our profile is our relationship status. But it may be best not to publicize it, for the sake of avoiding stalkers. They may even use your relationship status as basis to know if you are alone at home.
  3. Your current location – A lot of Facebook users enjoy the location-tagging feature, allowing them to let people know where they are 24/7. The problem here is you are giving out information that you’re on vacation and not at home. If you also post how long you will be gone, thieves will know how much time they have to rob you.
  4. The fact that you are home alone – Parents/adults need to remind children never to post on social media that they are home alone. You wouldn’t want strangers knowing your children are home alone. This may endanger them.
  5. Pictures of your kids tagged with their names – For the safety of your kids, avoid tagging them with their full names and exact birth date. Strangers may use these information to lure your children.  Just leave out these information when you post photos of your children.
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Don’t Hold Onto Thoughts That Don’t Allow Your Mind To Move Forward

Anything’s possible when you put your heart into it. You also need the right attitude and mindset for it, so it is best to keep all positive thoughts as you reach for your goals.

At times, we can’t help but have feel down or have some negative thoughts. But we shouldn’t let that stop us from doing what we need to do. It’s just like what quote above says, “Don’t hold onto thoughts that don’t allow your mind to move forward.”

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Top 5 Tips To Grow Your Company’s Blog

Blogs are the humanize brands. It’s a way companies can show their personal side to their customers. Of course you want to provide valuable content and don’t just post everything and anything in the blog.

Here are the top 5 tips to grow your company’s blog.

  1. Write blog posts for your readers not for Google – Remember, you are writing for human readers and not for the search engines. So don’t just flood your company’s blog with content packed with keywords. Produce great content that your readers will love and they will naturally share it, giving you a search engine optimization benefit. Think of your target readers first.
  2. Publish content designed to create actions – Create great content that your readers will love to read and ask them to take action. For example, ask them to subscribe to a mailing list, so they can be updated each time you post new content. In order to have a successful company blog, you also need high conversion rate. Build in an actionable request into your content to ensure conversion.
  3. Make your blog easy to read – The design and layout of your website will help readers decide if they want to stick around your blog and read the rest of your post. If it’s hard to navigate, they won’t spend time on it. You need to make sure your blog’s layout is clean, responsive, and easy to navigate.
  4. Expand your audience through syndication and social media – The only way to gain new readers is by introducing more people to your blog. You need to find people who will be interested in your blog. The first place to look at is in social media. You need to establish presence in several social media channels. Share all your blog posts on social media to drive in more people to your blog. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all good social media outlets to start sharing your content on. Another way is by syndicating your content across larger sites that are in the same industry.
  5. Make your content easy to share – Make sure your readers can easy share your content with social sharing options. People like to share content that is useful.

Use these tips to grow your company blog’s readership as well as provide your target readers with great content and experience. Publish your blog with your target audience in mind and they will continue to come back for more and share your content.


Think About What A User Is Going To Type

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Our best critics are our customers. They will tell you exactly what they think of your brand, product, or service. They are not shy about it too.

So how can we make sure we can provide them with great solutions? Firstly, we need to put ourselves in their shoes. We need to know what they need, how they think, and even their problems. As entrepreneurs, we need to be two steps ahead of our customers that we can almost predict what they need before they even realize they need it. It’s like what Matt Cutts from Google said, “Think about what a user is going to type.”

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Q&A Session: Digital Marketing 101

Digital marketing is a strategy all entrepreneurs need in order to grow their businesses, as I have mentioned previously in my Digital Marketing 101 Webinar. But there are still a lot to learn on how to do it effectively. To answer some of your questions, I recently conducted a Q&A session.

There were a lot of interesting and digital-marketing-related questions raised. Some of them included advertising, Facebook marketing for B2B companies, as well as the different social media management tools I use.

You can view the Q&A session here. Don’t forget to sign up for a free account on DIY Digital Marketing to get exclusive access on webinar replays and other additional materials.


Be More, Do More, Have More!


In order to achieve excellence, you need to work harder than ever before. Of course, there is also planning, but most importantly is creating the right mindset and attitude.

If you want to pursue bigger goals, then get ready to change your life. It will be a roller-coaster-ride with all the ups and downs. But in the end, it will all be worth it. You need to start with the right mindset and attitude. Preparation and being optimistic are really helpful. This can set the course of your journey. Meanwhile, striving for excellence will ensure that you get the result you want in the end. In the end, you will achieve your goals and more.

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A Year From Now You’ll Wish You Had Started Today

Ever wondered what goals you could have started yesterday but never really pushed it through? What about the one thing that you have always wanted to do, like skydiving or surfing? You will always wonder about them if don’t start any of them today.

If you are pushing to reach for your goals, then you better get on to it. You can’t wait for things to reveal by themselves, you need to go out there and make them all happen. If you don’t, then you will just forever wonder. It’s like what the quote above says, “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”

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Facebook Marketing 101: Tips And Tricks

Recently, I discussed the essentials of Facebook Marketing. I’ve even shared the webinar replay for it. Now, it’s time to give a little extra by sharing my top tips and tricks to make your Facebook Marketing efforts even more successful.

Tip #1: Seed you community – This means tapping into your network like your friends, family, and associates. Your initial followers won’t be strangers; they will be the people whom you know. Share your content with them first and you will eventually gain new followers from their network.

Tip #2: Provide Engaging Content – Facebook, or social media in general, is all about connecting with your network. It is also for sharing information or ideas. So make sure you have something valuable to share. These can be in various forms such as:

  • Your blog posts
  • Engaging photos
  • Infographics
  • Questions and Polls
  • Caption This!
  • Fun and humor
  • Timely content

Tip #3: Run a Contest –This is a great way to engage with your followers. Also, it’s one of the quickest ways to market your brand/products. Get creative with your contests, it can run an entire week or just a once a week thing. Ask followers to post a photo, “Like” a post, or post a comment.

Tip #4: Use Facebook Ads – Brands need to take advantage of this feature. It can help get your brand and offers be seen on Facebook, not to mention widen your network. This helps reach out to your target market too.

Tip #5: “Like” and Follow other related Facebook Pages – This will help you reach your target audience as you “Like” and follow other related Facebook Pages your audience are already interested in. Engage with them there.

Tip #6: Build Relationships – This is one the most important tip of all. Building relationships are not just about gaining new customers but it’s also about knowing your audience and empathizing with them. You must also listen to what they are saying and respond accordingly. Do they need support or new information? Provide them that. Also, add value without the need of compensation. Provide valuable information.


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