Just For Fun Fridays: The Next Level

Every entrepreneur once experienced starting up. And as digital entrepreneurs our first headquarters are our home.

Once we get that big break, we just move up. Well, in this case, one floor up.

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start now. Just continue doing what you’re doing and keep improving. It won’t be long when you can expand your business. Maybe set up an office outside of your home.


Just For Fun Fridays: Integrity…Really?

That’s what we call integrity, right?

But seriously, integrity is very valuable especially in an online business where we can’t really talk to people in person. Customers rely on us to deliver what we promised when we said we will. We must always value our customers’ trust, for this can make them loyal customers or not.

Next time, if you think you’ll have a problem with a purchase or product, better let your customers know or better yet, offer an alternative.

And tell your spouse where you really are.

Just For Fun Fridays: Maybe you’re doing something wrong?

What was your reaction the first time somebody retweeted your post? Probably excited because someone noticed you.

Not to be serious but, as a tip, try using hashtags of your niche or anything related to it, or why not create your own original hashtag. Maybe you want to check if you have a strong Twitter password as well, just to avoid hacked accounts.

Give it a try. What’s the worse thing that could happen? Well, I hope not what happened on the comic strip above.

Just for Fun Friday: Sometimes Technology Can Be Both FUN and Useful

A little something to brighten your day. Though I don’t suggest you do this to your laptop, it’s still pretty funny.


It also goes to show you how technology can move so fast these days that almost immediately, some forms of technology (like software or hardware) get outdated after just a few months of release.

While I believe the CD Rom would still be a viable form of data storage, something in me tells me that it’s not going to be long before something else takes its place totally – like flash drives.

What do you think?


Image from 9Gag



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Just for Fun Fridays: Captcha Problem


Ever been in the Internet and encountered one of these things?

Can’t blame websites for trying to confirm if you’re human, but really, do they have to be THAT tough for some people?

In any case, what’s the weirdest captcha you’ve got? Let me know in the comments section below.

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