Resources Review: Screenflow


Have you seen software reviews in YouTube where they actually walk you through the process, so you can easily understand them? I learn and understand better with those video blogs. I think they are more helpful rather than going through manuals. With videos that show How To’s and walkthroughs, capturing a step-by-step video is always better.

My personal choice when it comes to the software that will help me is Screenflow. It is a video capture software or screencasts. Screencasts are capturing videos of your desktop to illustrate a point or program. Screenflow records everything, from your iSight camera to microphone audio or speaker audio, and even the movement of the mouse on your screen. This software is exclusively for Mac operating systems. Let me share with you some of its features:

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Ben’s Toolbox: Audacity


Without clear and audible sound, video blogs would be useless. Of course you can always rely on a great microphone for that, but you also need good audio recording and editing software. Here’s the deal, you don’t need to be too technical when it comes to audio recording. No need for fancy electronic equipment to record audible sound.

I’m an online entrepreneur and I need good resources that would work for me. For that, I got Audacity. This is reliable audio recording software that I actually got for FREE. Aside from being free, here are some reasons why the software works for me:

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Ben’s Toolbox: Market Samurai


Keywords, keywords, and keywords. We always hear this term in Internet Marketing because it is what helps bring in traffic to our website. Traffic determines the people who frequent our site and these would eventually convert to sales; thus, making our online business grow. To help improve traffic, we must use the most searchable or most used keywords. It is one part of optimizing our website.

I want to share with you one resource I consistently use to help me with Keyword Research, which is Market Samurai. Market Samurai is more than a keyword tool. It literally is a Keyword Research Tool. It gives a detailed analysis on the keyword you are researching on. Aside from that, here are some of the features of Market Samurai:

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[Highly Recommended] Enchanting WordPress Sites with Elegant Themes

elegant themesEver wondered what “love at first sight” feels like? Believe it or not, I experienced it first-hand – in an Internet business context, at least. You see, subscribing to a premium WordPress theme provider is admittedly one of the best decisions I made as a professional WordPress web developer. To illustrate my point, I searched the web for the top premium WordPress themes and one particular provider had me at “hello”. Elegant Themes shone like a light in SERP darkness and just like that, it was on top of me like a toothpick over an olive. It also happens to consistently remain up there on the top of my list. In this review, I’ll talk about how Elegant Themes isn’t only elegant but also enchanting enough to suit your business needs. Check it out:

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