How to protect your WordPress Blog from Hacker Attacks?

Security is a must in any blog. Just like in your home or company office, you need to make sure all your belongings are safe from theft or damage. It’s the same with your blog. After all, your blog is the online alternative of your business.

This is why we need to make sure it is safe. You don’t want to find out your blog is being used by spammers or in any other illegal ways.

Personally, I choose to install the plugin, Better WP Security. It is very easy to use, easy to set up, and I have never had any bad experience with it both for my clients’ and my company’s blog.

This plugin has a lot of features that will help protect your blog from potential hacker attacks. It even informs you of optional features that may give conflicts to how you use your blog.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your blog, better secure than sorry. Learn more about the plugin, Better WP Security. Watch this short walkthrough on how you can secure your blog from hacker attacks.

How to make your Blog go VIRAL

What does it means to be “Viral?” Essentially, it is the phenomenon of how content spreads. It is more than posting comedic photos or videos.

How can you make your blog become viral? Let me share my formula on how you can make your blog go viral.

  1. Once you publish your blog, put it… everywhere! – When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere; not just among your social media sites but in other mediums
  2. Grow your follower – great amount of followers means more people would see your posts and more chances your content will be shared.
  3. Make you content easy to share – Place social media sharing buttons prominently on your blog. This makes your readers share your content easier.
  4. Social proof – You need to be socially relevant to your target audience. When people see your social value or that other people trusts you, they will get curious and maybe even earn their trust too.
  5. Use videos – Videos are the most shareable content. It provides the most engagements.
  6. Do Search Engine Optimization – SEO is important to make sure that Google sees you and you rank high in the search engines. This lets more people to see your blog when they search for keywords related to your blog.
  7. Build a mailing list – It’s a great way to connect with your target audience. Ask their permission to send them an email, this way you know that they are already interested in your niche.
  8. Be human – Be personal and let them know who you are. This lets your audience to relate with you and you can easily establish a connection with them.
  9. Be an authority – Being an authority means being a good source of information about your niche.
  10. Create awesome content – Awesome content means remarkable content that people would want to share. Your content must provide value or information that would improve your audience’s quality of life.

Watch the video and learn how to use the formula in your own blog.

Blogging TIP #4: Use Videos

Have you checked on your Google analytics lately?

How’s your bounce rate? Is it at a respectable rate of , say, 50%? Or is it sulking down to, maybe, 70%? The thing is, if you want to keep your readers engaged and wanting for more, you’ve got to get them to stay in your site longer. When you do that, your bounce rate automatically lowers and you’ll find that people generally get engaged with your blog.

How do you do this?

Use videos, of course!

In this video, I’ll show you why you need to use videos for your blog posts. Check it out:

Blogging TIP #3: Use your target Keywords in your Blog Post Title

There are many reasons why you need to have your target keywords stated clearly on your blog post’s titles. For one, there’s the SEO need and, another, you need to be very clear with your audience. By clear, I mean you ought to communicate what is it exactly that you’re going to talk about in that post – and it has to start from the title itself.

No use dilly dallying in a world that runs on time and energy.

In any case, I’ll explain why you need to use your target keywords in your blog posts in this video. Check it out:

[Video Tutorial] How to Intall a WordPress Theme

One awesome advantage WordPress has over other content management systems is that it’s easy to get a theme up there. With others, you’ll need some coding skills and a little background on HTML and other coding languages. With WordPress all you’ll need is a good eye for design. In the video above, I’ll show you how you can install a WordPress theme in as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

Check it out.

Installing WordPress On Your New Domain Name

WordPress literally does wonders for the average, reasonable Internet marketer. It’s versatile, and pretty easy to use.

By versatile, I mean its community is able to create plugins that suit any marketing need – from custom squeeze page HTML templates to social networking plugins. By easy to use, I mean it’s just a few clicks away especially if your hosting provider is HostGator. It’s also SEO-friendly, a plus if you’re looking to get traction from Mother G (Google).

In any case, in this video, I’ll show you how easy it is to WordPress your site up.

Read More

[VIDEO] How to update your Name Servers

Nameservers are literally the Internet’s direct equivalent of today’s yellow pages. They’re literally what tells the World Wide Web where your website’s at and where its hosted. In this video, I’ll show you how to update your Name Servers on GoDaddy so you can start putting up your website on your new Domain Name.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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