How to do Keyword Research and Register Your Domain Name with a GoDaddy Promo Code

When I’m all set to try something new out in the Internet, I always do three things. These are:

1. Keyword Research
2. Buy a Domain Name
3. Make sure I use one of GoDaddy’s Promo codes

While the first step takes more time, the last two are pretty easy. Of course, keyword research is for you to get a reasonable amount of traffic from the search engines, so chances are domain names based off of broad keywords might’ve been taken already. And you also have to make sure that this domain name is very relevant to the way you market your business.

In any case, here’s a little video I made about the entire process. Check it out:

How To Start Your Day Right When Working From Home

So you get up, get a shower, have some nice bacon and eggs for breakfast before you start work. What’s the next thing you should do? Admit it, peeps. We’ve all had our share of waking up on the wrong side of the bed but whenever we’re going to start our day, we ought to make sure we start it strategically.

 Here’s a nice little tip from Henry Evans of

That’s a little quick win for any of us!

Time Management: Tips to an Almost-Perfect Life

A friend of mine needed my help with something a few days ago. He says he was too loaded with all his other tasks in writing and community management that he couldn’t handle the next few batch of jobs. I obliged. So he sent me all the details of his writing and web development jobs and handed it over to me.

Being the outsource expert that I am, I got it done in less than 2 days. The following weekend I asked him what’s up and he told me: “I guess I was just too into community management…” ‘Your community huh?” With a grin, he admits that he got too distracted with his Facebook chat with friends that he missed at least 2 hours of work.

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How to Manage Projects and Tasks Effectively from Home

Yeah... I'll have to work in the other room.

As an outsourcing expert and long-time project manager, I know how it feels to get stuck somewhere most people would crumble at – the midst of utter chaos regarding who to ask, what to do and how to do it. It’s probably a place where you don’t want to be.

Work can sometimes mean being dragged around by deadlines, headaches and demanding clients. Such is very true in the outsourcing industry and when things aren’t clear enough for both contractor and contractee, things go to the dumps easily.

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How to Manage Team Meetings and Calls

When you’re working from home or when a client wants to have a call with you to discuss things with your team, you’d want to be in a space that’s quiet. A space where only you, your team and your client share. It’s a place where your minds meet and where agreements are made. It’s safe to mention that this space needs to be as serene and as sacred as possible.

Working from home by ishane, on Flickr
Photo by  ishane 

In any case, you’ll want to have your call go as smoothly as possible. With that, I’ve created a checklist of things you will want to remember before having that meeting. Check it out:

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Web Development Life Cycle

Gone are the days when putting up a website is only for the Geeks.

With the advent of Content Management Systems like WordPress and WYSWYG HTML editors like Dreamweaver, even a kid in grade school can put up his or her own personal website or blog.

Business owners can definitely leverage from these tools. Or, they can be wise and leave the website creation to professionals so they can concentrate on their core business.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Website planning is one of the key aspects of Web Development that is normally taken for granted. This is very true specially to people who want to build their own website. Its very easy for any business owner who wish to put up their own website to go to the first web developer that they have been referred to and ask them to design an “kick ass” website for them. The next thing you’ll know is that this guy starts building a website for them, without really understanding what the client wants and needs.  There was no careful thought done in the objectives and goals why the client wants to put up a website. Sad to say, some of these web designers are just after the “buck”.

This is why I make it a point that I define with my clients that their overall objectives are in putting up their website. Funny thing is that most people don’t have a clue what their objectives are. This is where I step in.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

I purchased this domain more than a year ago and it has been uselessly parked in my webhost since then. My initial intention was to use it for my online CV and portfolio. But never did it cross my mind that I will also  be using it to put up my own blog. I’m not a huge fan of blogging primarily because I don’t consider writing as one of my skills. (I suck in Writing and Composition was back in high school). But hey, It’s never too late to learn a new skill. I acknowledge the value of blogging not just because I see it as a channel of creativity and expression, but also as a way of promoting my website. Blogging is content, and content is what Search Engines “Feed” on. I wan’t my website to be known, and I believe that a Blog is a perfect tool.

So to whoever gets the chance to read through my first few posts, I plead for your patience. It may be a bit crappy(I know), but with a lot of practice I know it will be better.

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