You Can’t Beat People In Social Media, Join Them Instead


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The only way you can connect to your audience is by going to them. You need to find where they are hanging out and engage them there.

You can’t wait for your target customers to come to you; you have to go to them. It’s the same case in digital marketing and social media. Find your target customer where they hang out, find out what they like and hate, and just engage with them. You can thank them for their support and handle negative situations.

Jay Baer said, “Companies can’t beat real people in social media; they must join them.” In order to get to know consumers, you need to make an effort. One of these is by hearing them out offline and online. Listen to what they are saying even on social media. At times, people speak the loudest and more freely in social media outlets. That’s where they voice out their opinions on events, products, and brands.

Take the time to hear out what people are saying. Listen to their opinions. These may help you improve and provide a better product. Don’t shut them out or beat them. Go and join them in the venue they are most comfortable in.