Money Follows Passion

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Being passionate about what we do is the first step to be successful. Our passion and commitment are what makes us go the extra mile. It lets us push ourselves more without thinking of being tired or the what’s in return.

But there will be times when we question if our passion is worth all the challenges and would often even think of quitting. The truth is you need to focus on your passion first and money and success would eventually follow. It’s just like what David Garland, “Money follows passion – not the other way around.”

To actually succeed in what we are doing, we must put our heart into it. How many people have we heard say they don’t like their jobs or would want to pursue something else? Probably more than we can count. The road to doing what we are passionate about is not going to be easy, but we can do it.

Why is it that money follows passion? Simply because when we love what we do, we do it with all our heart and with great conviction. We work harder and never consider giving up as an option. Thus, we achieve more, leading to reaching our goals.

As long as you follow your passion and work on being the best, then you will succeed. Don’t be afraid to pursue what you are passionate about. Find your passion and integrate it with your goals. In the end, success will happen naturally.