Content Is Fire, Social Media Is Gasoline

Image from Slideshare

Image from Slideshare

In order to drive your internet marketing strategy success, you need to be fully stocked with great supplies. These are valuable and relevant content and powerful social media management.

Internet marketing is more than search engine optimization, it also needs the help of content and social media. It’s just like what Jay Baer said, “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” Content makes sure that there is always something interesting you can offer to your readers and followers. Meanwhile, social media helps spread the content where your target audiences are.

There are various aspects in digital marketing. The important thing to remember is that these aspects are working efficiently for what you need. For example, you have content but it is not relevant to what you offer, then it is useless. Or let’s say you are active in social media but not where your target audiences are. You need to make sure that your efforts won’t go to waste.

Next time you update your digital marketing strategy, find out what is the fire that will keep your efforts alive and the fuel that will get it there.