Knowing Your Target Audience

Most unsuccessful “digital marketers” employ the use of unecessary tagging, spamming and other annoying tactics just to make a sale. In a web 2.0 world where people think that social networks comprise the Internet, you’ve got to learn how to combine old methods of marketing with new ones.

One conventional method of marketing involves knowing your target audience. Of course, you’re going to have to go beyond just knowing what they want and how they usually get it – it’s going to need to have a web 2.0 twist. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind when you want to get to know your prospects better:

  • What are you offering – You’ve got to have extensive knowledge about the thing you’re marketing whether it’s your product or someone else’s. That way, it’s easier for you to describe it and what it can do for your audience.

In the case of selling other people’s products, you’ll know that some market research has been done on the matter and you’ll get an idea as to how it’s used and why it’s used.

  • Take note of the language they speak – How do your prospects communicate with each? Are they the geeky or techie type that mentions every spec and feature a device has? Or are they the Tolkien type that speaks Elvish in cosplay or Larp conventions?

I’m not really into stereotyping, but knowing how your audience behaves individually and as a group can give you a head-start in talking their language. When you do this, you earn their trust and given enough content and value, you’ll be a figure of authority.


  • Keep in mind what they think of you – What do your prospects think about your business? Do they resist you or do they come looking for you? Are you a scam-in-a-box or are you a blessing from heaven? These questions allow you to know what factors prevent your audience from purchasing from you. You’ll also get a good idea as to what they respond well to.
  • Pain is the operative term – In online marketing, communication is key to success. You send out a message and you get feedback. In this case, it’s best to keep in mind that your prospects are sending out a message that they are in pain and they need some sort of relief. Find out how you can respond to this pain and give them their medicine. This will keep them happy and wanting you more.
  • Just ask them – It doesn’t hurt to ask, does it? Sending out a survey email, posting a Facebook question or tweeting about what your audience really wants are easier to do than looking at your analytics reports and going through thousands of demographic profiles just to find out what it is they really need.


Knowing your target audience is a step closer to being a successful Internet marketer because you understand their pains and needs. You see, Internet marketing is more than just posting an ad up in some Facebook wall or in the search engines. It’s more “social” now. You need to earn trust and eventually be seen as an authority.

Dartboard by Sint Smeding, on Flickr
Photo by  Sint Smeding