New Marketing Is About Relationships


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“Buy now! Get it today!”—These are some of the things we used to hear on marketing and advertising spills. But nowadays, it’s not all about how good what you are saying and where you are saying it. It’s about the relationship you have with your customers.

Marketing has evolved and is no longer what it used to be. According to Ben Grossman, “New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” For a marketing strategy to succeed, you don’t need to produce fancy presentations on various mediums. You need to connect and engage with your customers instead.

Even in this digital age where we can easily communicate with anyone, anywhere, making a connection is more challenging. With all the modern technology, we have become detach and lack personal touch. The only way we can connect is by being genuine and to engage with our customers. And it is through this connection that we can create relationships with our readers and followers.

When we create relationships, that’s when marketing will be effective. So don’t invest in fancy gadgets and impressive presentations; be sure to connect and engage with your customers. The only way to succeed online is by building relationships.