Just for Fun Fridays: Ask Google

Ever wanted to know latest tech (most probably iPhones and anything Apple) gadgets available? Ask Google.

Ever wanted to get new shoes for your wifey on your anniversary? Ask Google.

Ever wanted to know the secret to losing weight in no less than 90 days? Ask Google.

Ever wanted to learn the secret to a successful business venture? Ask Google.

Can’t find the droids you’re looking for? Ask Google.

Folks, these days, everyone’s been asking Google. Whether it’s about a biology report for class or how to act during a date, Google’s been there to help out. Thing is, it’s not Google who gives you the answers. It only points you to the answer. Like a curator in a library or a hot saleslady in the mall, Google only points you to the answers.

The one who provides the answers (with painstaking research and tons of experience) are the Netizens. Bloggers, forum-members, and the like are the folks who provide answers. And Google’s been a helping hand to get their answers known.

So what does this mean to you?

Simple. Provide the answers, help solve problems, increase happiness levels and, through Google and social media, you’ll get to your bottom line faster than a custom-built racing pod.