Make It Happen Mondays: Don’t Quit

Don't Quit | Ben Francia

See that turtle?

What does it remind you of? The rivers? Maybe the word “slow” or impeccably cumbersome. It walks like it’s never going to get there… EVER! But it does. And when it does, you’ll say: “I never thought it could do that.”

When I first started with my Internet business everything was slow as a turlte. Traffic and bounce rates don’t look so stellar, engagement in my social networks can be likened to that of a college student’s paper; with the student who never reviewed and partied late last night. But as the days moved forward, I found myself doing better and better – with people coming back to my blog and staying longer and new people visit everyday. I also found my engagement heightened, with likes and comments on some of my social media posts.

The lesson? Don’t quit. I’ll never be able to be where I am now if I decided to just quit and throw it all out the window.