Now Is All You Have

Image from Get It In

Image from Get It In

“I’m busy”—how many times have we uttered these words? We are never truly busy, it’s just we have different priorities. Others prefer to work first and let their personal life take a back seat. Meanwhile, there are those who keep wishing for their dreams to happen. But what if being busy never stops? What happens then?

Truth is, we will not have the time for everything. But we can make time for the things and people that are important to us. Because just like the image above says, all we have is now.

If we don’t make the time for the things and people that matter, then we will never find the time. We need to allot some time for these things. We need to decide on what we will have time for and the things we have to sacrifice to make the time. It’s our choice.

If you’ve been dreaming of that vacation, then go ahead and take it already. Don’t wait for things to be too late. Always wanted to learn how to tap dance, then enroll in a class. Whatever it is, create the opportunity and act now. You may never get the next time you are hoping for, make it happen today!