Outsourcing Specialist

As an outsourcing specialist, I’ve helped many overseas entrepreneurs from just setting up a website and providing top-of-the-line graphics and content, to training talented and dedicated people to work as an offshore unit. In retrospect, I learned my web development and design skills back in year 2000 when I worked as a graphic artist in the first Ecommerce company in the Philippines. Outsourcing was sort of new in the day, and when I got myself a client, I made sure that they get what they want. In time, I started managing projects for major BPO companies in the Philippines. I found it okay, until some of them tried to put in as many as 10 projects for just one team.

I left and went solo (by that, I mean home based). At first I thought it was going to be the same as it was 10 years ago. But lo and behold, big-time clients started calling me up and want me to hire and train offshore teams for them in the Philippines. That’s where my fair skills gradually became arguably formidable. Not only in the technical aspects of the World Wide Web, but also in the management of completely capable individuals who specialize in the fields it involves itself in.

Some may call me a jack of all trades – one who has a background at every single aspect of the Internet industry. I am a master of one trade though, and that’s providing you with what you need.