5 Things You Have to Remember When Hiring Someone

Let’s admit it.

We can’t do everything on our own. We are gifted with only two hands, two feet a brain and a heart. We are social creatures who depend on other individuals’ talents for a common cause. Evolution has taught us that and it pretty much reflects in what humanity has achieved in the past thousands of years.

But experience as an outsource expert in the Philippines, and a few heartbroken friends of mine, has taught me that not everyone can get along with each other because everyone’s unique in their own special way. This sort of “chemistry” is apparent in all our relationships and most particularly, when we talk about business.

Without good team chemistry, you’ll have low productivity rates and unhealthy relationships born from insecurity and the bad vibes.
No, you don’t want to have a volatile team that can self-destruct at any moment.

It’s vital to hire someone who you know is reliable and talented but how exactly do you do that? There are a lot of things you can find out about a person without looking at a resume and usually, these things that you see are what contribute to good team chemistry.
Here are a few things you might want to consider when looking for a person you can include in your team:

  • Background check – Do a little Facebook-ing and Twitter-ing and look at photos. If you see something a little bit off, proceed with caution when hiring the person. You may want to look at the person’s wall and tweets too and find out if they’re a very expressive person without regard for other people’s feelings or if they’re the happy-go-lucky  type who shares wonderful stories of love and peace to his or her friends.

These things reflect a person’s character and if you notice something that you can’t be happy with. Start looking again.

  • Physical attributes and hygiene – Back when I entered the convent (yes, I did that once), there’s this policy regarding the choosing of would-be priests that doesn’t allow obese people to enter the seminary. It’s a little bit discriminating, but such a policy has a reason. You see, being obese is an indication of being undisciplined. Try to consider the same policy for your applicants. Tattoos and excessive piercings are red flags.
  • Interview mannerisms – If you’re interviewing someone who repeatedly does something repeatedly and you, at some point, get ticked off, then it’s time to reconsider. This sort of mannerism, unless it’s a health defect, is also a sign of lack of discipline.
  • Talent Vs Attitude – There are a lot of talented people but some of them come with an attitude. Arrogant, bossy or just downright unprofessional, you do NOT want this kind of person unless you have someone who’s professional enough (and has the testicular fortitude) to handle him or her.

What do you feel about the individual? This is pretty much the most important question you have to ask yourself before hiring someone. I mean, if you feel at first glance that you two aren’t going to work well together, then it’s best to just get another person – or if we’re going to incorporate a win-win solution here, what you can do is have someone manage the person for you. It could be someone who feels a little more positive about the person or someone you think may jive well with him or her.

Network resume by Ethan Hein, on Flickr
Photo by  Ethan Hein 

In any case, team chemistry is a factor that determines the success or failure of your campaign. So be selective and always have a win-win attitude.