6 Tips for Work-From-Home Peeps

16 Sep 2011 1 comment | Posted by BenFrancia Outsourcing

17jco 400x300 6 Tips for Work From Home PeepsContrary to popular belief, working from home isn’t as “easy” as it is. A lot of colleagues say that they would rather work in a corporate-looking office rather than in their place. Some of them would actually risk the commute than stay at home where they are allegedly “safe”. A testament to that is the rate of productivity that a newbie worker-from-home would

I know that there are a lot of factors that affect such a view of working from home. But it all really boils down to intense focus and efficient time management. Here are 9 tips for work-from-homers that should make the “working” life a little more bearable.

1. Get a work room – It could be a spare room or maybe even the garage, so long as it’s not your bedroom, you’ll be fine. For some reason, working in your bedroom or living room gives you a sense of security. Something in the lines of: “Nah. I can put it off until tomorrow”. So get another room for work.

2. Define and STICK to your schedule – Print a copy of your schedule out and post it near your workplace. If it helps, put in a quote that talks about integrity or hardwork, something that pumps you up to kick some Internet arse.

3. Eat the right stuff at the right time – To avoid health issues and having a figure of a 29-year old WOW addict who lives with his mom, it’s vital to keep yourself fit. You can do that by eating the right things at the right time. This should keep your body and diet in check which in the long run, keeps you away from having to see a doctor.

4. Exercise before working – When you wake up in the morning, you can jog around the neighborhood or work out in your treadmill. Besides the above reasons about eating right, getting yourself busy before work gives you a sense of being all pumped up. Couple that with the right work-out song, and you’ll be ready for work like a boxer is ready for a 12 round beat-up.

5. Do NOT start out with your email – The simple reason behind this is that if you start off with your email, you might end up being on the defensive and respond to all of them all at once. Start off with the original task you were working on last night and get it done. Check your email after.

6. Have occasional breaks – When you feel that you absolutely need a break, get one. Sometimes, when you’ve focused on work to much and it gets hard for your eyes and your head, take a step out or have a nap. Give yourself 15 or maybe an hour’s break and when you feel better, get back at it.

That about wraps it up, fellas. I have had my share of work-from-home blues, so it’s safe to say that these tips should work for you too. Just keep your chin up, work hard and, if possible, keep those pants on.



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