SEO Philippines

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are one of the key factors to the success of any website. All the effort in designing your website and hours of programming will be put to waste if people cannot find you on the web. That’s why we make sure that each website we build can be indexed by the major search engines and spotted in popular social networking sites.

Our suite of SEO and Social Media Outsourcing services Include:

Keyword Research and Analysis

You’ll need some keywords that you want people to search you for in Google, Yahoo and/or Bing. Much to the dismay of any Internet marketer, keyword research is more of a science than an art. Our keyword research and analysis efforts are grounded on its foru golden rules: relevance, traffic, competition and commerciality.

We also use the best keyword tools in the market to determine which keywords work best for your website and business.

On-page optimization

We want your websites to be ranked and as search engine friendly as possible, so we go as far as optimizing each page for relevance and consistency. From title tags to meta data and from usability and site load speed, we don’t leave a single SEO factor behind.

Link Building

SEO mostly concerns the generation of relevant, high-value links from other websites. Given Google’s periodic algorithm updates and sassy tweaks, we make sure we’re constantly informed and adapt other ways of getting links without popping its red flags.

PPC Campaign Management

There’s nothing wrong with having an additional source of traffic and if a competitor’s too strong to beat off the top of the SERPs, we can always win the click through battle with ads.

With a competitive team of AdWords certified experts, we make sure that you’re up there, getting highly-motivated clicks and eventually, conversions.