Keyword Research and SEO with Market Samurai

Keywords — we use them every time we search something online. These are the words, phrases, and topics we type on the search bar to narrow down what we are looking for. As someone who is serious about blogging and SEO, you need to learn about them and how you can use them to improve traffic on your site and be on the first page of Google. Like any research work, you need the right tool for this job and I recommend using Market Samurai. Let me share what I discovered from Pat Flynn of He has an awesome video on how to use Market Samurai for keyword research. The video discusses the basics of keyword research like how it works and what makes a good keyword; up to the more advance topics of utilizing Market Samurai for SEO competition and other SEO tips.

Before you watch the webinar recording below, be sure to download a FREE Trial copy of Market Samurai so you can do the walk through side by side as you watch the video. You can download it here –

keyword research and seo with market samurai