Everybody knows what’s going on with everybody. Information is rapidly coming from one direction to the next. It’s all because people want to share. Social media marketing is all about sharing information about your online business with the goal of increasing visitors and generating sales. The fastest way of sharing is through social media networks. For online businesses, it’s no longer an option to be active in social media; it’s now a requirement.

Everybody who owns a smartphone and a computer has at least one social media account. Imagine reaching out to each person who owns a smartphone and/or a computer. Now, just imagine all those people being your potential customers; surely your business will benefit from it. This is exactly why your business needs to do social media marketing. Lucky for you, BenFrancia.com offers just that.

For this service, we start with creating accounts on all major social media networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. Then, we build a tribe of loyal followers on these networks and continuously engage them by providing valuable content. Next, we build relationships with them, capture leads, and eventually convert them into loyal paying customers. But we don’t stop the relationship building there. We also turn them into delighted advocates or people who will recommend the business or product without expecting any sort of compensation or incentive. On top of this, our team of social media experts helps online entrepreneurs measure the success of the social media marketing campaign.

There’s really no way to avoid social media marketing especially since it is happening even when you’re asleep. So let your business be active in social media networks and experience business growth.

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