Facebook Marketing 101: Managing Facebook Content and Engagement

Brands take advantage of their Facebook Pages, knowing this is a great platform to engage with their target audience and distribute content. In order to succeed, you need to make sure you are managing the content and engagement in Facebook well.

First off, you need to do your Facebook Content Plan by answering these You need three questions:

  1. Who is your Audience?
  2. What content to share?
  3. When to post?

When doing your content plan, remember these steps:

  • Write down your Customer profile – Give it a name!
  • List down topic categories – What do they care about?
  • FAQ’s and SAQ’s – Don’t forget list down your frequently asked questions and should ask questions.
  • Subscribe to top 10 relevant Blogs and Facebook Pages – This is a great way to learn and engage with others influencers.
  • Create a content posting schedule – A schedule to follow makes sure you always have content to share.

Once, you’ve established what you need, you can go ahead and execute your plan. I suggest you follow these basics to get started with your Facebook Strategy:

  1. Post 2-3x a day. Post when it matters
  2. Link back to your assets
  3. Post catchy headlines and copy
  4. Post only relevant content
  5. Take advantage of the holidays
  6. Use images or photos that communicate
  7. Start inviting after 10 posts
  8. Listen and Respond
  9. Engage as a Person

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