LinkedIn profile Optimization

linkedin profileLinkedIn is a particularly important site for anyone. Even more so for Internet marketers who want to show the Internet world that they’re the best at what they do. Besides that, it allows them to make connections with other people who have the same passion for the thing they do.

Of course, you’re going to have to optimize your profile in such a way that Internet marketers do. This sort of proves that you know what you’re doing and you’re very good at it. So where do we start off?

Here’s a little checklist that might help you out:

  • Fill everything in – From the name down to the summary, you need to fill in the blanks and make sure that the content you provide is rich in your target keywords. Avoid making it look spammy too.
  •  Treat your profile like a resume – Put your best foot forward and tell LinkedIn dwellers who you’ve worked for and/or what you’ve achieved. This is somewhat reflected in the way you write your profile information. So take your writing style a notch higher than you would with Facebook or Twitter.
  •  Include a video – While there’s no specific option for you to upload a video in your LinkedIn page, there’s actually a way to go through with this. Here’s what you can do. First, create a video that tells LinkedIn dwellers who you are and what you do. Second, create a Google docs presentation and insert your video in it. Lastly, upload that presentation in your LinkedIn profile and voila! You now have a welcome video.
  •  Use the power of apps – Choosing the right applications can vivify your LinkedIn profile with the kind of value you present to your customers. Start off with a WordPress app if you’re using WordPress for your blog or site. This allows you to show your latest blog posts to people who might otherwise be viewing your profile.

Another good app is Twitter. Besides being able to show your connections your latest tweets, such are created in the form of call to actions. Show LinkedIn dwellers how good you are in tweeting, and you’ll also show them how good you are with copywriting.

  •  Ask for recommendations – If you’ve got a few friends in the real world who have a LinkedIn account, ask for a recommendation. Of course, you’ll probably have to return the favor, which is good considering that it doesn’t do your profile any harm any way.


Now, make sure that these recommendations hold value. By that, I mean they let other LinkedIn dwellers know what you can do, how good you are to be with as a professional and how reliable you are in terms of business.

Get a professional image – Get an updated picture of you with a coat and tie. You want to look reliable, professional and confident in it, just so you can tell your prospects that you are someone of great power. They should respect that.


LinkedIn is a place that means business and it’s also where you can get the most cred out of being the Internet marketer that you are. Make your profile count, and you’re bound to get connections which equates to more opportunities and potential achievements.