Tips on Optimizing Your Facebook and Twitter Profiles

Facebook and Twitter are your two little spaces in the Internet where everyone else can see you. They’re arguably two of the best avenues to market in and are the last of your worries when shelling out cash for. They’re also the best place to market your products and services in the form of a page and Twitter account. Why is this the case?

Well, besides the fact that you’re able to put your business in the eyes of more than a million people, you’re also making your social presence glare. More than that, these fan pages and profiles are considered pages by search engines such as Google. This means that people you’re not only dominating in the social realms, you’re also kicking ass in the search engine realm.

In any case, here are 5 things you must absolutely do if you want to get the most out of your social media efforts through only your profile. Check it out:

  • Do your Keyword Research – It’s natural for any Internet marketer to do keyword research when they plan to set up a business. Here’s the thing, after doing keyword research, make sure you incorporate your target keywords into all your social places for maximum effect.

Provide a brief but effective background – Profiles don’t necessarily have to be autobiographies. All you need to do is tell them in 5 to 20 sentences who you are, what you do and how you can help them. This is also where you get to insert your target keywords. Remember, try not to make it too spammy. Just make it sound as natural as possible.

  • Provide value from the get-go – In your profile, give them something that they’ll certainly remember about you – something that they can actually use. It could be a statement of fact that’s relevant to your business or maybe a short story that your users can resonate with which appeals to their emotions. As long as you give them the value they want and need under 5 to 20 sentences, then you’ll be okay.

Include links to your other social places – It’s always important to put in you other social places if you’re given the opportunity. In this case, it mostly applies to Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin. Remember, include when you’re telling them to follow, subscribe or connect with you so format it like a call to action.

  • Insert call-to-action – As mentioned earlier, besides the fact that your prospects are reading the stuff about you, you want to tell them that they need to do something while they’re in there. Establish some urgency by providing them value. Let them know that they absolutely must follow you.

These are a few tips that should otherwise get your social media campaigns to not only look good in the eyes of the search engines, but in the eyes of your audience as well.