Quickest Way to Optimize Your Website for the Right Customer


People normally associate Website Optimization to Search Engine Optimization. Yes, SEO is a form of Website Optimization. But we also need to consider that we should only optimize our websites the Search Engines but first and foremost for real live “HUMANS”.

In this short video, I will show to you the Quickest Way to Optimize your Website for the Right Customers. Check out also “Customer Empathy” video that I published earlier, which is also referenced in this video.

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Customer Empathy: Going Beyond Just Knowing Your Customers

It makes sense for businesses to get to know their target audience. The demographics is literally a basic thing. It’s another thing, however, to get up-close and personal with them.

It’s like the difference between just “knowing” who your target audience is and “understanding and empathizing with your target audience”.

What is their biggest problems? Their most daunting issues? Their motion-stopping challenges? Why are they experiencing these? These are thing things you must answer when you’re empathizing with your customers.

In this video, I’ll show you what it means to really get into that personal level with your audience and ultimately earn their trust.



This short video was inspired by the Customer Empathy Module during the Digital Marketing Project Planning Workshop that I attended with other DigitalFilipino Members Last Dec. 3-5, 2012. :)