Web Project Manager Philippines

I started doing Project Management for Web Development projects when I started doing freelance work in 2003. My hands on experience in both front-end and back-end development not only gave me a clear grasp of each development phase in a web project, but also enabled me to understand how each resource in the development team would work.

Now, I manage web development projects for clients based in the US and oversee the successful development of the project from “Initiation” to “Delivery”.
My project management skills include:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Project Estimates
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Project Monitoring and Scope Management
  • Project Delivery and Deployment


But it doesn’t go as far as web development because the next few years of freelance work have prompted me to start learning other skills. I have also included in my arsenal,  search engine optimization, social media and various other Internet marketing disciplines that can help any businessman bring his craft online.
That said, I have been approached by various clients overseas – some needing web development services others for SEO and social media jobs. All of which, I have done well to handle and with a little help from a few dedicated people I work with.