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#“I provide ESTABLISHED expertise in Digital Marketing. And with my MOTIVATING attitude, I EMPOWER my clients and my students to create GENUINE results for the Online Business.”

– Ben Francia

This is my personal purpose statement. And I made it my mission to use my expertise in Digital Marketing to help people take advantage of the Internet in building business and professional success.

Being an Entrepreneur myself, I have a soft spot for SME’s and Start-Ups so I make it a point to regularly conduct affordable public trainings and seminars on Digital Marketing to help equip my fellow entrepreneurs with the skills and tools of Internet Marketing and Social Media.

Through my site, https://www.benfrancia.com/, I share and teach my passion for Internet Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Web Design and Development, Outsourcing and lots more. I also once in a while participate in speaking engagements in the different parts of the country to talk about topics relating to Digital Marketing.

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I help companies design and execute effective Digital Marketing Campaigns for their Brand that helps them increase their bottom-line.

Digital Marketing Agency

When I started, people come to me when they needed to outsource their online business needs. From the simple task of designing a company logo to putting up a company website for their business, I’ve always managed to provide the solution they needed. If anyone needed outsourcing, I was their guy.
Eventually, the number of clients I’m getting for outsourcing picked up, and as a response to this growing demand, I put up FRANCIA DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY in 2010. At the time, 80% of my company’s focus was on providing outsourced digital marketing services while 20% of our efforts went to training and consultancy.
However, in 2014 we felt the need to evolve and help small businesses like us who didn’t have the resources to hire a digital marketing agency. Hence, we shifted our focus on training and consultancy for small businesses. After all, since our unfair advantage was that we have had years of experience in the subject of digital marketing and online businesses, we figured that it’s time to give back by sharing and teaching what we know and have learned.
As a direct result of this shift, we’ve managed to attract more clients because of our growing authority and in a small way, help our country as well. Since small businesses are the building blocks of any nation’s economy, our helping of small businesses grow through digital marketing helps the Philippines too.
We wanted prove that Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be rocket science for small business owners to learn and that, in the long run, they don’t have to hire an agency to be really good at it. Our motto, “Digital Marketing Made Simple”, is meant to inspire small businesses to level up their digital marketing game by going online and coming up with simple but effective campaigns and strategies that could compete well in an international level.
One example of how we’re striving to make digital marketing simple for small businesses is our launching of our website development solution, Jiffy, in 2018. Jiffy’s core mission is simple: create a low-cost, quality website hassle free.
Overall, we’re stoked about finding better ways to empower, educate and assist small businesses in the line of digital marketing. Rest assured, we’re coming up with more exciting and innovative solutions that can help make things better!


As a personal advocate of healthy living and having Triathlon as my chosen sport, I’ve always believed that if you’re personally fit, you’re bound to be professionally ready to face anything. Triathlon is a challenging sport that demands time, effort and an exorbitant amount of commitment to be able to compete in.

It wouldn’t be physically possible to finish a full-distance triathlon with a smile without having a relatively strong sense of balance and discipline. It is precisely this sense of commitment and high energy that we embody work-wise as well. The feeling of being able to accomplish something we didn’t think we could before exhilarates us and being able to do the same for our clients’ most challenging goals feels just about the same.

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Loving Husband and Father

My Wife Dianne and My Little Princess Sabrina are my life’s Love and Passion. My strong determination to succeed online is for me to be able to provide them a lifestyle that is comfortable, free of financial worries, and free to do the things that they love most. They are my life’s purpose and my true reason for being.

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