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Social Media and Your Business

The importance of bringing your business to the Internet cannot be understated. People today shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and any enterprise that does not take advantage of online shopping’s convenience and ubiquity is definitely losing out a lot.

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Web Development Life Cycle

Gone are the days when putting up a website is only for the Geeks. With the advent of Content Management Systems like WordPress and WYSWYG HTML editors like Dreamweaver, even a kid in grade school can put up his or her own personal website or blog. Business owners can definitely leverage from the...

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FREE Email Hosting

Gmail is probably the most popular free email service on the net today. Here’s why: 10 Gigabytes of FREE space You can use the same login for all the other Google Services like Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Sites, Google Talk, Google Adwords, etc. It’s very reliable Very user frie...

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Web Developers’ Arsenal

Gone are the days when internet geeks would create web pages using the humble notepad (or VI for *nix users). Here are some of the most popular if not essential tools that each professional web developer should have:

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Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Website planning is one of the key aspects of Web Development that is normally taken for granted. This is very true specially to people who want to build their own website. Its very easy for any business owner who wish to put up their own website to go to the first web developer that they […]

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog! I purchased this domain more than a year ago and it has been uselessly parked in my webhost since then. My initial intention was to use it for my online CV and portfolio. But never did it cross my mind that I will also be using it to put up my […]

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