3 Must Do’s In Times of Social Media Crisis

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: August 1, 2013


In my last webinar about Social Media Reputation and Crisis Management, I talked about how online reputation can influence your brand and company. One viral post on any social media can make or ruin your reputation. The good news is we can prevent and manage them by being equipped with the necessary preparations and responsive actions.

In the social media space, it’s very easy to rave and rant over products, companies, brand, and even people. This can be scary and amazing all at the same time. Imagine how fast information spreads.

Fact is, people are online. These people are your friends, peers, potential clients, and even detractors. In order to protect and manage future crisis here are some helpful tips.

3 Must Do’s for Social Media Reputation and Crisis Management:

1. Prepare – Build and take control of your online presence whether in social media outlets, website, or blog. Be ready by setting up an internal protocol in case of any social media crisis. Another helpful tip is to have a social media policy for all your employees in using social media. Remember, your employees can also become your brand advocates. Anything that they will share online says a lot about your company.

2. Listen – Keep track of anyone who is mentioning your brand or company. The easiest way to do this is by using Google Alerts. This can help you see who are searching for you online. When you start listening more to people who are talking about you, you will be the first to know who are raving or saying something negative about you.

3. Respond – Acknowledge the crisis immediately even if you don’t have all the information. Next is to fight fire with water. Don’t be on the defensive;  instead, respond to the crisis. Respond where the crisis happened, is it in Facebook or Twitter? And most importantly, Apologize. That is the only way to show you are genuinely sorry about the crisis. Another helpful tip is to create a pressure release valve where people can vent out in venue you control. Lastly, learn your lesson. You can also document the crisis for future reference.


Remember, your brand is greatly influenced by your online reputation and your online reputation greatly influences any current or future business or opportunity. The good thing about it is you can do something; you can take control. Learn more about Social Media Reputation and Crisis Management by watching the full video here.


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