5 Instagram No-No’s

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: December 20, 2013

instaWe love Instagram; we love all social media. But sometimes, some users ought to be booted out of the social media scene. As Internet marketers, our social media accounts act as both professional and personal outlets. Instagram is one of those accounts that show our personal side to our followers.

But we need to post responsibly still. I have come up with a list of Five Instagram No-No’s. Here they are:

  1. Flood the feed – Please just don’t do this. Sure you just can’t help but talk about a certain event on instagram, try and limit your posts. Nobody wants to see 10 photos of you as they scroll through their feed. Limit your posts with two or three in a day. Also, fewer posts can keep the interest of your followers.
  2. Overflowing hashtags – Remember to add the hashtags that are absolutely related to your photo. Also, refrain from using your hashtags as caption, like putting #HadTooMuchCoffeeSoNowImHighOnCaffeine along with a photo of your drink from Starbucks.  A good way to check your hashtag is if it’s longer than you’re caption, better not use it.
  3. Endless Amount of Selfies – So selfie was coined thanks to Instagram, but that’s not an excuse to flood your feed with it. Two or three selfies a week is a forgivable number. Also, be aware of the type of selfies you post. No R-rated selfies please.
  4. Excessively disturbing photos – Photos of your bloody open wound, just to show your injury or maybe some animal roadkills. Please don’t share them already.
  5. Highlighting your wealth – Being humble is admirable and will even impress your peers and followers. It’s good to value hard-earned money and refrain from being a show-off. You can still do product shots especially if you are doing reviews. Just be mindful of your captions and content.

Instagram is a great way to share images and market your website. It’s also a great avenue to engage with other digital influencers and your followers. Next time, you’ll post something on Instagram, be mindful of these no-no’s.

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