How to Optimize your Facebook Profile for your Business

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: April 30, 2013

(Note: This post was made by Carlo Angelo Gonzales, social media specialist and all-around good-guy)


It’s a fact that you can’t use a Facebook profile as a business. Such a role is best played by Facebook Pages. You can, however, use your Facebook profile to compliment your Facebook Page and, overall, your business.

Here are a few tips on how to use your Facebook profile for your business. Check it out:

1. Pay attention to your Info or About tab – While this may be a little bit troublesome, it’s crucial that you fill in the details of your Info/About page. From the Work and education fields to the contact information; each must be filled in and information must be as specific as possible.

-Make sure that you put in the details of your employment; include your position and tasks
-Liked pages are included in the info/about pages of your profile, so make sure you get Like the pages that’s as relevant to your business as possible
-Make sure to put in relevant links to your profile – whether it’s another social network or your blog/website, get it in there.

2. Smile in your profile picture – The duchenne smile gives your profile picture an added oomph in terms of gaining more trust. It sends the impression that you are approachable and that you are authentic – you can’t fake a duchenne smile unless you’re a really good actor.

3. Be responsible for what you post – Facebook profiles are more personal than it is business-related BUT do keep in mind that you’re expected to practice due diligence with the things you post. You will also always be judged by whatever is in your Facebook profile.

Here’s a quick example: If you’re a motivated and driven individual, you can be proud of your achievements but don’t show off. There’s a thin line between these two things – don’t “mouth off” about your latest promotion or increase in conversion; tell the world about it but show a little gratitude to whom or what it’s due. Being a jerk is an indicator of insecurity and overcompensation – and this can turn off people you can potentially work with.

Also, whatever it is you post online can be taken as an indicator of your relationships both in the workplace and outside work.

4. Choose your photos carefully – Untag, delete, or put into private incriminating photos of yourself – by that, I mean in a professional context. If you’re an employer and you’re looking for someone who’s responsible and committed, would you consider someone whose Facebook profile pic has him lying over a table of spilled beer and empty beer bottles?

Come on. That’s not cool at all. Funny, maybe, but not cool.

5. Be real – you’re being professional doesn’t have to compromise who you really are. Take Ben Francia, for instance, he’s an Internet marketing wizard – a very efficient and hard-lined one at that. But he’s also a father, a person who likes to spend time with friends on Friday nights and a self-confessed goldfish addict. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you can be authentic without necessarily putting off people you can work with of for.

That’s about it for optimizing your Facebook profile. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Cheers!

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