Integrating Social Media Platforms With Your WordPress Site

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: February 13, 2014

Integrating Facebook, Twitter, And Google+ In Your WordPress SiteSocial media is the best marketing strategy for a blog. It lets readers and followers to easily share your content. This is why you need to integrate various social media services into your website.

You can opt to install a plugin to embed the sharing buttons and links on your website. Another option is using the social media buttons that comes built in several design templates. There are also other blog owners who choose to manually tweak the WordPress template to fit their needs. For those who are more comfortable doing the manual work, Smashing Magazine shows an easy way to manually integrate Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ into your WordPress website. The site also shows how to manually add sharing buttons on your blog’s home page, posts, and other pages.

Know more about manually adding sharing buttons and improve your social media visibility. Check out the whole process here.


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