Social Media Tips: 3 Free Tools For Scheduling Tweets

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 25, 2013

schedule tweetsNot everyone is twitter-savy, let alone has the luxury of time to spend a whole day on twitter. It is important to engage with followers and industry leaders on Twitter. A solution for that is scheduling tweets.

For now, Twitter has a feature to schedule tweets for business users. However, you can also enjoy this function through some social media management tools like Hootsuite and SocialFlow. But today I’m sharing another option.

There are standalone services that can help Twitter users schedule tweets to go live in the future. For today’s social media tip, I’ll share 3 free tools anyone can use to schedule their tweets.

First is Twuffer, this tool let’s you write and schedule your tweets in a simple calendar-type interface. Such interface makes it easier to schedule every tweet any time of the day. Think of it as a planner for your tweets. Doesn’t that make it easier to manage?

Next is FutureTweets, which is also a simple tool. You need to first set your timezone before composing your tweets. After that, you can already set the date and time when you want your tweet to be live by clicking “schedule.” Some features include adding emoticons and even flipping your tweet, making the texts appear upside down. The latter can either impress or annoy your friend in Twitter.

Lastly is the tool LaterBro. This tool can accommodate tweets and Facebook status updates. First you have to sign up with your respective Twitter and Facebook accounts. Then you need to set your timezone and you are set. You can compose your tweet and just schedule when you want it to go live. With LaterBro, you’ll be able to see all your scheduled posts in a list.

There really is no more excuse not to tweet. Take advantage of Twitter and engage with your followers. Schedule your tweets however you want to. Offer your followers valuable information and share your insights in 140 character or less.

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