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Now that you have turned to creating a better online business, it’s natural to involve everyone in your company to continue its online success. But this may prove ineffective if they don’t have all the right information and skills to get the job done. The best solution is to train them. Conducting Digital Marketing Training for your people will allow them to apply the concepts of effective digital marketing in their daily tasks and meet your overall online business objectives.

Some of the Digital Marketing Training and workshops that I conduct include Digital Marketing 101, Social Media Reputation and Crisis Management, Turning Your Employees into Social Media Brand Ambassadors, and Creating an Organizational Social Media Policy. This way, you can turn your staff into a well-oiled digital marketing team. Get ahead of your competitors and create a lasting online success for your business.

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Marketing 101

Understand the “Essentials” of Digital Marketing and the value it will bring to your business.

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Social Media Reputation and Crisis Management

Learn how to properly manage your Brand’s reputation in Social Media.

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Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Maximize the potential of your most valuable asset by turning your Employees in to your brand’s Ambassadors online.

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Creating an Organizational Social Media Policy

Create the basic guidelines for your organization on how to effectively social media

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