What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: February 8, 2013

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Chinese New Year is upon us and we would be welcoming the year of the Water Snake on February 10. The prediction for this New Year is that it’s going to be full of possibilities.

Entrepreneurs will surely benefit from the good luck that the Water Snake will bring. Also, it is advised that if you plan to begin any business ventures, make sure to check the other person’s finances and background before coming to any agreement. Well, that is very practical. Any entrepreneur must do his research and cover all the bases before getting into any major deal.

But do you really think luck has got to do with the success of your business? I have my own thoughts about it.

My secret formula that I go by is:

LUCK = Opportunity + Preparation

I believe that, Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. It’s not just about wearing the lucky color and lucky bracelets the world may offer; it is more importantly about creating the opportunity and preparing for our business to grow in order to see great results. There is a balance between the opportunity that will open up for us, as well as preparing for that opportunity so that we know what actions we will take.

Success is sometimes attributed with one’s good luck in life, but  no successful entrepreneur made it big without working on the opportunities that came his way. Good luck didn’t just invent the iPhone or McDonald’s burgers. We need to create and make things happen as well.

So for the year of the Water Snake, Go and create your own LUCK and good fortune will come your way!

Happy New Year!

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