Why do you need to hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Ever get that feeling where you keep working on tasks but at the end of the day you get left with still a handful? It’s dreadful isn’t it? At some point, the tasks have turned into boulders that keep you from achieving your bottom line. Even the little things (heck, especially the little things) really hurt your productivity and most of all, your business.

We were all programmed for that, the corporate prophet says. We are groomed since day 1 to slave our lives away. No one is safe from the document stash of doom or the EOD report of shame – these are our measures of success.

I call bull.

The sad part is that a lot of people fall victim to these beliefs. As a consequence, they live sad and irrelevant professional (and possibly personal) lives which, ultimately, lead them to failure.

Being a project manager for a couple years, I’ve learned that hiring a virtual assistant is the way to go if I want to get a lot of stuff done and attain goals at a much faster pace. I DON’T have to slave my life away and compromise my personal and professional growth.

Virtual assistants offer a lot of things (save maybe coffee), but the best thing they can give you is TIME.

Ah yes. One of life’s greatest and non-renewable commodity, extra time is given to the person smart enough to hire a VA (let’s call them that so you don’t have to tire yourself). If you’re a business person, you’ll know very well why it’s so valuable. But if you’re not or if you’re just starting, let me educate you.

Time is used up whenever you try to get a task done. With more tasks, you get to spend more time. And we only have 24 hours in a day. Let’s get to the math then:

Getting ready for work – 2 hours
The daily commute – 2 hours tops
The work period – 9 hours (with lunch, of course)
The overtime (you do this, I know) – 4 hours at most
The commute back home – 2 hours
The take-home work – 2 hours
The family time (plus sleep, maybe?) – 3 hours

Sad, ain’t it? But it’s for real. Most people don’t have any time left for themselves these days. What’s frustrating is if you don’t get one task done because of a personal emergency or an immediate and urgent task from work, you need to go overtime.

Hiring a VA allows you to delegate tasks to other people. Why work on a business that requires 8 hands with only 2, after all?

With enough time, you can get a lot of stuff done. With time, you can make things happen without fear of mediocrity. With time, you can spend a lot of time learning the ropes of owning and managing a business. With time, you can focus on the things that really matter like family or friends.

So in case you need a little more borrowed time to tend to the things that matter both personally and professionaly, hire a VA.

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