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For some people who don’t want to spend time studying web development basics or go all OC on a specific web project, outsourcing is a definite must. Besides the fact that they want to focus on more pressing matters like how to manage their business other than working on a website, it’s also pretty low cost – I mean, really. While most experienced in-house web developers can charge you a hundred or more bucks for a web project, outsourcing it overseas can actually save you more than half.

Questions and Answers

Hey, you suddenly opened a can of whoop-ass on your inhibitions and decide to start your own business and put it online. You have decided what industry you want to rank and excel in and you’re pretty certain about the keywords you’ll use. You also decide on getting a few partners in on the project and start hiring people to help in-house.

By then, you’ll probably be asking a few people for website development and if they knew anyone who can make a real mean online machine, erm, website. You suddenly consider outsourcing overseas. A few questions pop into your head.

Can I really trust someone with my online presence?

Will this be for the long term or just the website?

Shouldn’t getting someone who doesn’t naturally speak my language screw up my website?

We’ve all heard about people losing money overseas and how the Internet is filled with scammers. But hey, stuff like that happen and it’s not inherent to overseas outsourcing services. In fact, when you find a trustworthy contractor, you’ll be assured that he’ll do whatever you say – this is because most contractors depend on you for supporting their respective businesses and families. He’ll keep his best foot forward and you’ll be assured of quality services in the long term.

As for the screwing up the website’s content, well, that’s where the challenge lies. It’s not that it’s hard to find a competent writer. The Philippines, being the only country in Asia that speaks the English language well, has loads of excellent Filipino writers. It’s communicating your marketing language that’s the hard part.

The key here is to properly introduce yourself to your contractor and get him to understand what you want to happen. Send him your mind map or your business plan and maybe some samples of copies and videos that you make. Most of all, make him feel that he’s a part of your team and that your success is his too – this creates a common ground with which you can both work with regardless how far you both are from each other.

Exercise Caution

In any case, since getting scammed is the biggest fear for most online entrepreneurs, I guess the best advice I can give you is to play it safe. How? Ask people you know about outsourcing services they trust. It gives you a sense of security and someone to blame when sh*t hits the fan. LOL

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