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ben francia | by Ben Francia |Last Updated: July 13, 2012

Using Promo Codes when Registering Domain Names with GoDaddy is a great way of getting huge discounts on your GoDaddy purchases. Discount rates range from 20% to 50% depending on the total amount of purchase, type of transaction (new or renewals), type of domain names being registered, and bulk of purchase.

I’ve listed below some of the sites I visit to get this valuable promo codes so I can save up on a a few dollars when registering domain names. Try them out and make sure that you use those promo codes with good user feedback. If you used one that isn’t working, just go and try another one. They normally work one out of five times.

If you know other good sources of GoDaddy promo codes, feel free to share them here by posting on the comments section below.

Fat Wallet

Domain Promo Codes

Retail Me Not

Teach Bargains

Go Promo Code

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