Celebrating the 1st Year Anniversary of my Facebook Page

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: June 12, 2013
My first cover photo and and first post on my Facebook Page exactly a year ago

My first cover photo and and first post on my Facebook Page exactly a year ago

Exactly a year ago, I created my new Facebook Page for my Online Business with the sincere intent of sharing my knowledge and skills on Internet Marketing to my fellow Filipinos.

It was a difficult start. Fans and Likes came in trickles. I hardly got any comments or shares. There were even times that I even asked myself if people were even reading my posts. But amidst of the slow start and challenges, I stood firm to my purpose of helping businesses and entrepreneurs create success in the internet by helping them answer their questions and solve their problems with the content that I publish.

My one year old Facebook Page is a work in progress and still needs a lot of work. Yet in spite of the imperfections, I’m happy and proud of it because through it I’ve helped a lot of people and made new friends.
So what should you expect from my Facebook Page on it’s second year?

Expect more remarkable content from me… top notch content which you will never have to pay for. Expect more blog posts, more articles from other thought leaders, more inspirational and motivational quotes and graphics, and more high quality informative videos which you can share to everyone else in your Facebook Network.

And if there’s any particular type of content that you want me to publish, or if you have any Internet Marketing questions that you want me to answer, feel free post it on the comments section below so I can make sure that I add those to my content plan.

Thanks to everyone of you who have been with me in the past twelve months! You can be assured of my commitment to help you create success in the Internet.

Cheers to another year of helping people, promoting advocacies, building relationships and tons of Facebook AWESOMENESS.

You can be Successful Online, You can MAKE IT HAPPEN!☺

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