Google Analytics Wake Up Call

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: October 10, 2013

Last month, I decided to attend this training on Google Analytics by Google Classroom. It’s an official Google Training Module on Google Analytics.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for a couple of years now as the main tool in monitoring traffic and conversions on my website. And I must admit that I still haven’t maximized the full potential of this powerful tool.

With all honesty, I will also admit that I’m far from being an expert in Google Analytics. I’ve learned to use it through online tutorials and by actual practice. And getting some extra help through formal training definitely would make a lot of sense specially if it’s a training module directly from Google itself.

The two full days of training was time well spent. The content was meaty. There were a couple of new things that I learned, several features and functionalities that I never even knew existed, and the rest were stuff that I already knew. I may already know 80% of the topics that were discussed, but that doesn’t make me an expert in it until I put those things in to practice. Yes, the whole experience in the training has been a big reminder to take Google Analytics to it’s full potential and provide me more insights on how to improve my online marketing efforts.

“We cannot improve what we are not measuring!”

This quote is what has been ringing in my ears since then. And with that wake up call, I started to make improvements on how I measured my online marketing efforts using Google Analytics. And I’m very happy with what I have accomplished… an accomplishment truly worthy of a Fat Steak Dinner! 😀

And for you who also still gets overwhelmed (and dizzy) when looking at those Google Analytics reports…. I feel your pain! In my desire to be an “expert” in Google Analytics, I guess the next bold move is start teaching this to my fellow Internet Entrepreneurs who are still struggling in this analytics jungle.

Let me know if you want to know more about Google Analytics! Send me a message on Twitter @benfrancia so you can be among the first to know once I have a webinar scheduled!


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