Is a Mastermind Group right for you?

ben francia | by Ben Francia |Last Updated: February 4, 2013
is a mastermind for you

Although it is true that a Mastermind Group is a powerful tool in creating success for your business, it is still a fact that not everyone would equally benefit from a Mastermind. And one’s ability to benefit from a Mastermind Group will greatly affect one’s level of participation and commitment. That’s why it is important that you first assess if there is value for you in joining a Mastermind Group.

Below are 12 questions that will help you find out if a Mastermind Group is right for you at this time. As you go through each question, look deeper in to yourself and sincerely answer them with either a YES or a NO.

  1. Do you work alone or with just a few people most of the time?
  2. Can your business benefit from a flow of fresh inputs and ideas?
  3. Are you stronger is some aspects of your business and weaker on others?
  4. Are there times that you have difficulty to stay positive and motivated at work?
  5. Do you have a long “To-Do” list and at time procrastinate to get them done?
  6. Are you only accountable to yourself and nobody else with the business that you do?
  7. Do you feel the need to sometimes brainstorm with other people and validate your ideas?
  8. Do you sometimes feel discouraged of potential failures in your business?
  9. Will you benefit from feedback or critique from other people about certain aspects of your business?
  10. Are you open to other people’s thoughts, ideas, suggestions and recommendations?
  11. Do you believe you can learn a lot from other people’s inputs?
  12. Do you at times feel the need to have other people around you who can provide you a “reality-check”.

Tally your answers and count the number of YESes. The more questions you answered with a “YES”, the more open you will be to the process of the Mastermind, and the more easy it will be for you to benefit from the group. Otherwise, I suggest that you think twice before you join a Mastermind Group and try it out once you are ready.


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Ben Francia

Hi Maita! I'll let you know when is the next meetup/orientation. My vision for the club is to have several chapters not only around the metro but around the country as well. :) It would be great if you can be part of the pioneers in your area. :)

2013-02-22 07:10:00


Yes, yes yes!

2013-02-05 16:55:00


Hello Ben, I would love to go to your Digital Entrepreneurs Mastermind Club. But I already have a commitment that runs to that time. Looking forward to your next one. Would love to know if you wish to organize anything in the Fort or Makati area--all the way to Alabang!

2013-02-05 11:34:00

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